Ex-Ghost player Dmo quits Fortnite

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Ex-Ghost player Dmo quits Fortnite

Previously one of the hottest players in competitive Fortnite, Dylan “Dmo” Moore, just released a statement as to why he’s stepping away from the game

Dmo had a huge upwards trajectory rooted from the start of competitive Fortnite. He was most notably known for top placements in secret skirmish and world cup duos with even more notable partners Bizzle and Tfue

Despite early success, Dmo would quickly find adapting to be a challenging test, as he would fail to qualify for the grand finals of both the Fortnite Championship Series Trios and Squads iterations. A man once known for slaying became mentally resigned to the game that amassed him over 150 thousand followers between all social channels

And today, after long speculation, Dmo finally communicated that he would not be returning to the battlefield again. He said

“As I said I quit playing competitve Fortnite, I never really made a statement about this as I was pretty jaded about the whole thing. For the most part it had to do with what the game is competitvley. Throughout my career there is only one tournament that I played that wasn’t a complete joke (secret skirimish) with the amount of lag that is still plaguing competitive to this day. This problem basically led me to start to dislike the game, which ended up me completly losing motivation to play. There are other reasons but I’d rather not speak on them publicly. For people always asking why I didn’t stream, the reason was I felt no one wants to watch someone play a game that they don’t enjoy. Not sure whats next for me but its been fun.”

After a few months of inactivity, alongside departing from his org Ghost Gaming, it wasn’t that much of a surprise to hear. As an OG in the scene however, it still hits home to hear that he will not be finding his way back to competitive Fortnite

Some of Fortnite’s fondest days were back when there were multiple paths to great success, and Dmo was able to spotlight that philosophy. Although he wasn’t the most mechanically cracked, his game sense and ability to fill in almost any duo position made him a truly unique and valued player

His departure is a stark reminder that Fortnite is and will continue to trend toward the most cracked out mechanical players. That’s not a totally bad thing, depending on who you ask. To me, it marks a new chapter for this game. Pun intended

Best of luck in your future endeavours, Dmo. We hope to see you around, even if it’s not crushing it on the keyboard sending 13 year olds across the globe back to the lobby <3

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