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F1 plot July 5 season start but plans hinge on decision UK government will make this week

“A 14-day quarantine would make it impossible to have a British Grand Prix this year.

“Additionally, it has a major impact on literally tens of thousands of jobs linked to F1 and supply chains.

“We would be travelling back to the UK on F1-only occupied aircraft and all staff would be tested, making a quarantine totally unnecessary.

“If all elite sport is to return to TV, then exemptions must be provided.”

Should a British Grand Prix double-header not be possible, F1 could restructure their calendar and host two races at Germany’s Hockenheimring.

But F1’s plans simply to restart the F1 season are also dependent on the UK avoiding a second wave of coronavirus infections.

The worst-affected European country, if the infection rate and death toll rises again in the UK in the coming weeks, F1 would have to abandon its plans altogether because seven of the 10 teams in the sport are based in the country.

“That is a major worry for everyone involved,” an F1 source added to the Guardian.

The sport is hopeful of creating a closed environment around races, with testing planned for all individuals before attending events and then also every three days at a race meeting.

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