Facing a crisis

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Facing a crisis

The Covid-19 outbreak has currently affected the whole world. Many countries have introduced either total or partial lockdowns. Citizens are being ordered to stay home in order to break the chain of infection for the disease. Most businesses have ceased operation. The roads are totally empty.

In Malaysia, our own movement control order (MCO) will be taking place until April 14. theSun asked a few Malaysian celebrities how they are coping with the situation.

Naim Daniel, singer

“I have had to cancel at least 10 shows. I have no problem staying home, I am a homebody. I loved spending time with my family, even before the partial lockdown started. I am using my time now to write songs for my first album, which I hope to release before the new year.”

Emir Ezwan, film director

“My first feature film Roh was supposed to be shown in cinemas on March 19. Now it has been postponed. But I prefer to see the bright side of the situation. The longer time frame will give a chance for more Malaysians to get to know more about the film.

“Working from home is not a big thing for me. I have always worked from home.”

Ramli Ibrahim, dancer and choreographer

“I have stopped teaching dance classes to the students. I had to cancel a few programmes that we had lined up till June. I am spending my time at home, doing more gardening and listening to the birds chirping.

“My advice to the people out there is to never listen to rumours, and to get all your facts from the proper channels. I believe the Covid-19 outbreak shows how vulnerable we can be.”

Muzzamer Rahman, film director

“My film Takut Tak was supposed to open on April 2. The producer has decided to postpone the screening. I cannot blame my producer. This virus has affected the whole world. Even international film festivals around the world have been postponed. Some producers have resorted to selling their movies to TV stations. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my movie will not end up on TV.

“I am working from home, and starting a new project called Cine Buku 2020, where we are turning novels and short stories into short films. I must say my cooking skills have also improved tremendously during the MCO.”

Chef Wan, celebrity chef

“March has not been a good month for me. First, I had to bury my ex-wife. She died on March 18. I have also just returned home after undergoing surgery, now my restaurant has to close for two weeks because of the MCO. I still have to pay 42 staff, and the month’s rent of the restaurant, which comes up to about RM68,000. Thank God, our cash flow is good and we can survive up to three months. I was supposed to open a café in May, but I think I have to postpone those plans, too.

“But I am not staying idle. I am looking after my mum who is suffering from dementia. I am using the time to cook, and look after my gardens.”

Denes Kumar, actor, TV host and TV producer

“I am using this time to bond with my two children. I play with them. They are introducing me to new computer games. They love having their father around. I am also using this time to think up new concepts for TV shows. I also have more free time to read books. I am just developing my creativity during this period.”

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