Falklands chaos: Argentina’s extraordinary plot to seize back control – ‘Bleeding wound!’

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Sabre-rattling President Alberto Fernandez also issued a threat to fishermen, warning he would sanction fishing companies operating in the Falkland Island’s seas. The Argentinian leader unveiled his plot to wrestle back control of the British overseas territory with three bills focussed on strengthening the territorial sovereignty of Argentina.

Speaking at the opening of the 138th congressional session, he said: “Our common home has a bleeding wound in the deepest of our sovereignty feeling, the usurpation of the Malvinas [Falkland Islands], South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.”

The first bill is the introduction of the National Council of Affairs Referred to the Malvinas Islands to enforce medium and long term State policies on the issue of sovereignty.

The second is part of Buenos Aires’ plot to seize control of the island’s seas stating it “will contribute to consolidate sovereignty rights over resources on the sea bed and subsurface”.

Falklands chaos: Argentina’s extraordinary plot to seize back control – ‘Bleeding wound!’

Falkland Islands: Argentina is trying to take back control of the UK territory (Image: GETTY )

And the third bill refers to changing the Federal Fisheries Scheme to apply stricter sanctions on vessels “illegally fishing in those spaces under Argentine jurisdiction or in waters over which Argentina has sovereignty jurisdiction, which includes the Malvinas Islands”.

His plot comes after President Alberto Fernandez brazenly claimed Argentina will always own the Falklands despite Britain claiming it 187 years ago – and winning a war over the territory in 1982.

He said: “It is an auspicious day to claim sovereignty, because today, 3 January, 187 years ago the British invaded the Malvinas.

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“It is a land that we will never give up and we will always claim as our own.”

The two historic foes have been embroiled in a long-running diplomatic spat over the islands, which have been under British control since 1833.

Argentina’s 1982 invasion sparked a war which left around 650 Argentine soldiers and 255 British dead.

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Falklands chaos: Argentina’s extraordinary plot to seize back control – ‘Bleeding wound!’

The Falklands Islands are overseas British territory (Image: EXPRESS)

It ended with the surrender of the Argentine troops a few weeks later.

Argentine forces invaded the Falklands – known in Spanish as Islas Malvinas – and so Margaret Thatcher led British military to defend the British Overseas Territory.

Britain won, but tensions have remained over the Island’s sovereignty ever since.

Since Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016, Buenos Aires has tried to steer the lead in the Remote British Overseas Territory by the back door.

In 2013, a referendum asking whether the Falkland islanders supported the continuation of their status as an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom prompted an almost unanimous response from the island’s inhabitants.

On a turnout of 92 per cent, an overwhelming 99.8 percent voted to remain a British territory, with only three votes against.

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