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FIFA 21 update: PS4 and Xbox One patch notes confirm long list of title changes

FIFA 21 update: PS4 and Xbox One patch notes confirm long list of title changes

While it may not be available to everyone right now, EA Sports has provided a thorough rundown of what will be changing soon on PS4 and Xbox One.

The latest latest FIFA 21 update has been released on the PC Origin platforms and will be making its way to consoles soon.

A long list of changes can be found in the official patch notes, and there are tweaks being made across the board.

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Nearly every major game modes is seeing improvements or bug fixes deployed, including some important changes to Ultimate Team.

This includes being able to see all the owned Position Modifiers you have when applying a PM

consumable on a selected Player Item.

EA Sports is also making it easier to keep track of Transfer Targets on the Squad Transfer Market screen, and they are also adding UI indicator for which Kit selected in the Stadium customisation Match Kit.

There are also a number of troublesome bug issues that have been removed from FUT, which should make the overall game experience smoother.

A full rundown of all the major fixes coming to PS4 and Xbox One can be found below as part of the official FIFA 21 patch notes shared by EA Sports:

The latest Title Update for FIFA 21 is now available on PC (Origin/Steam) and includes the changes below.

Kick Off

Addressed the following issues:

  • When viewing replays during a match played with Artificial Turf enabled, some kits were incorrectly displaying.
  • Inconsistent capitalization of some player names.
  • When selecting a Kick Off VOLTA FOOTBALL 5 vs 5 match, the Miami and New York stadiums were incorrectly available.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Made the following changes:

  • Added the ability to see all owned Position Modifiers when applying a Position Modifier consumable on a selected Player Item.
  • Added a shortcut to Transfer Targets on the Squad Transfer Market screen.
  • Added a UI indicator to note which Kit is already selected in Stadium customization Match Kit.

Addressed the following issues:

  • After using Buy Now on an Item on the Transfer Market, and selecting the option to Assign the Item, the player was incorrectly sent to a limited version of the Transfer Market page that the Item was won on.
    • When attempting to scroll back to the first option on the Play menu, after scrolling to the last one, the first pair of options would get stuck off screen.
  • When swapping Player Items on the Squad Transfer Market screen after adjusting a bid on the radial menu, the option to make a Bid lost functionality.
  • After scoring a goal, the FUT Player Item that displays on the pitch was sometimes missing letters and/or numbers.
    • When a Player Item was selected on the Squad Screen, and the player tabbed over to the Club screen, using the Preview Selection resulted in the originally selected Player Item being deselected.
  • In Co-Op Squad Battles, the Captain would see the second player’s Club Badge in the Pause menu instead of the opposing team’s.
  • Objectives screens were displaying at a slower than expected speed.
  • The Club Badge was displayed as a grey placeholder image on the Single Player Draft pre match screen.
  • The Training Celebration displayed an incorrect preview animation in the Customize Stadium screen.
  • Division Rivals Placement progress earned through Squad Battles did not display on the Division Rivals menu.
  • In the Co-Op Lobby, the selected mode sometimes took longer than expected to load.
  • A stability issue could sometimes occur when listing a Tifo from the Customize Stadium menu.
  • When a Co-Op invite was accepted from a player who is not a mutual friend, the player who accepted was taken out of FUT.
  • After scoring a goal, the FUT Player Item that displays on the pitch would sometimes have extra text underneath it.
  • No image was present when claiming Division Rivals rewards.
  • Updated incorrect button callouts on the Team Objective screen.
  • Instances of the Stadium lighting turning off when browsing the menus.
  • In some cases, Rare Items would be too bright when selected on the Transfer Market.
  • Addressed certain Co-Op stability issues that could sometimes occur.
  • Various improvements to some Celebrations and pack walk out animations.
  • Addressed a rare desync issue when playing Co-Op Squad Battles.
  • Update screen flow after redeeming a Coin Boost.
  • Removed End Co-Op Session button callout for Solo players.
  • Addressed instances of some Attributes being different between FIFA players and FUT Player Items.
  • Updated several button callouts across multiple menus.
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