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Five best scenic drives near Newcastle: Best North East driving routes near Newcastle

Newcastle is a vibrant city in the North East of England, but for those who have spent weeks isolating in the city, a little drive with your family may be a welcome mini-break.

Where are some of the most scenic drives near to Newcastle?

Top five scenic drives near Newcastle


Driving time from Newcastle: 59 minutes

In the heart of Northumberland sits the stunning coastal town of Bamburgh.

The town is famous for its castle, coastlines and variety of walking trails.

Bamburgh Castle itself sits on a 180-foot high basalt crag, boasting unmatchable views of the surrounding seaside landscape.

Meanwhile, the coast of the area is home to a vast expanse of nature, sand dunes and grassland giving way to perfect walking routes.

When staycations are back on the cards from July 4, Bamburgh is also home to a number of caravan and campsites, as well as B&Bs and hotels.

Plus, the village itself is home to a number of quaint, locally run retail, food and beverage businesses, which you can visit once they have all been able to safely reopen.

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