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Five free build tips to become a creative warrior!

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Creative freebuilding holds one of Fortnite’s biggest niche communities. If you’re a console grinder, I don’t need to explain any further

Freebuilding is defined as encapsulating oneself into a closed environment (such as a creative 1v1 map) and flexing quick builds, edits, and movement into the cleanest kills possible. Some fan favorites such as Faze Sway are prime examples that have elevated the “creative warrior” game

While learning the basics of freebuilding might seem difficult and somewhat intimidating, this guide should simplify things. With that said, let’s just get into it

1. Extended cone placements

Extended cone placements is one of the first mechanics you must master before putting the pieces together. It’s used in almost every freebuild rotation and understanding the basic underlying methods will set you up for success

Simply place a cone and edit two tiles to turn it into a ramp (see below)

While this seems simple enough, players make a simple yet avoidable mistake when it comes to chaining builds under the cone. To avoid this, make sure you flick your crosshair as high as possible after you confirm the edit so you can still place a floor under the cone

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2. Quarter tile edits

Editing a single quarter of a floor tile offers some major advantages when going for flashiness. And at the end of the day, being a flashy and smooth builder turns you into a top creative warrior


Editing a quarter tile under the double edit configuration allows you to place a side wall before confirming your side jump (typically jumping to the left). This mechanic increases your actions per second (APS) and makes your routine flow nicer

3. Beat’s full tile jump

Parallel Beats invented the full tile jump which, in my opinion, reinvented the levels of possibility surrounding creative freebuilding. What is the full tile jump, exactly? Glad you asked


Sitting towards the back left tile on the floor piece, jump directly up and place a ramp. You will be phased above the ramp just high enough such that placing another floor will phase you above that piece as well

The result? A full tile jump without any additional movement. This is hands down the fastest way to elevate yourself by 1 tile. You’re welcome

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4. Ramp traps

While you might have cracked builds and edits – it means nothing if you cannot confirm the clip with a clean 200 pump. This tip will help you confirm eliminations in style


  1. Own the highground

  2. Predict where your opponent will go

  3. Place a wall adjacent to where your opponent will go

  4. Piece control by taking the ramp inside his box

  5. Flip the ramp and hit your headshot

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It’s really that simple – and makes for a nutty clip. You can’t go wrong with the ramp trap

5. 90 degree ramp turns

Finally, my personal favorite: 90 degree ramp turns. This maneuver used to work in combination with the EJ Dash, until that mechanic was removed from the game. Nevertheless, the 90 degree ramp turn will still set you up for a clean clip


Notice how I begin from the double ramp configuration and edit the top ramp 90 degrees clockwise. Once you confirm the edit, make sure to connect the loose build with a wall so it doesn’t break!

You can stay under or over the flipped ramp depending on how you position yourself.. And what kind of clip you’re trying to get. Tinker around with this one and I’m sure you’ll find yourself in some crazy freebuild rotations

Hopefully this guide will help you on your journey towards becoming the next Faze Sway! Follow us on Twitter for more educational content just like this

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