Flavor Flav Jokingly Posts Video On TikTok About Running Out Of Toilet Paper

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Flavor Flav Jokingly Posts Video On TikTok About Running Out Of Toilet Paper 1

Flavor Flav is a TikTok ‘legend,’ according to fans who can’t get enough of his quarantine videos. The rapper filmed his latest TikTok while on the toilet and it’s the funniest thing you’ll see all day.

Flavor Flav is clowning around on TikTok and fans are getting a kick out of it. This time, the 61-year-old rapper let fans into his bathroom for what they’re calling the “most relatable TikTok video ever.” Flav sits on the can with his pants at his ankles in his latest video, while sobbing over an empty toilet paper roll.

“Flavor FLAV runnin outta toilet paper,” the television personality captioned a post on Instagram that featured his new TikTok video. He can be seen holding toilet paper up to the camera with one last ripped piece dangling from the roll. Flav’s video is set to the song, “A Heart is a House for Love” by The Five Heartbeats, which he belts out through his gold grills.  

Fans were quick to react to Flav’s video, and the comments are epic. “That’s a bad feeling ,” one fan wrote, adding a few crying-laughing emojis. “I hope it wasn’t poop,” another joked. Other fans noted how Flav’s clip is something they’ve “definitely experienced before” and “it sucks.” 

(Video credit: Flavor Flav/Instagram) 

As mentioned above, Flav is no stranger to TikTok. He’s been sharing hilarious videos while at home in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rapper’s been very active on social media amid rumored drama with his longtime rap group, Public Enemy. Back in March, Founder Chuck D and four other members of the veteran rap group had issued a statement revealing they had split with Flav after he missed several live performances. Then, on April Fool’s, the group backtracked and said that the whole story was a “hoax.”

Chuck D shared a statement, April 1, on the website for Enemy Radio, a subsidiary Public Enemy, letting fans know that the drama was all a plan for publicity. However, Flav later claimed he wasn’t part of the “hoax,” despite being featured on the new album.

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