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Flight attendant reveals why passengers shouldn’t talk to them at this key time

Flight attendant reveals why passengers shouldn’t talk to them at this key time 1

In an online forum on Quora, one flight attendant revealed that passengers should avoid a certain time when wanting their attention, as it can cause problems for the entire cabin crew.

Anna McPhee, a previous flight attendant on international flights, explained on Quora why the beginning of the flight is the worst time to speak to the cabin crew.

She wrote: “This is one of the busiest times [to talk].

“Getting the doors closed, seated for take-off and the first service out – and getting in the way of this delicate and often very rushed time is not a good idea.

“The flight attendants may look relaxed and happy to see you – but remember that’s what they are trained for, it’s probably still a busy time to try and stop for a chat.”

Ms McPhee added that passengers looking to chat at the end of the flight should avoid doing so, as they are busy “securing the cabin and preparing for landing”.

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For some flight attendants, managing to maintain a romantic relationship can be tricky with all the travelling they do.

In a recent Reddit thread, one unnamed flight attendant shared her romance story, revealing she met her husband while they were both working. “I’m actually marrying a pilot! We started on the same day at work.”

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She revealed that for her soon-to-be husband, it was love at first sight – however, she didn’t quite feel the same at the start.

“Initially he was just a work mate at first, then we started hanging out of work as friends for several months.

“The next day I just woke up realising that I can’t live my life without him,” she shared.

“He came into my life unexpectedly, it never crossed my mind to date someone from work but I fell really hard and in a couple of months we’re getting married.”

The unidentified user added that she found it helps to be with someone who understands her work scheduling, adding that “this is not a 9-5 office job”.

“It can be 15 plus hours a day at work or it can start at 1am or 2am. He understands that there will be times that we’ll be away from each other, or he may get a last minute call to operate a flight.

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