Home Travel Flight secrets: Cabin crew reveal safety issue behind passengers reclining plane seats

Flight secrets: Cabin crew reveal safety issue behind passengers reclining plane seats

Ensuring the seats are upright during both take off and landing also reduces the risk that your face or body will hit into the seat back in front of you during a bumpy landing.

Many suggest keeping seats upright throughout the duration of the flight and bringing pillows and blankets to be more comfortable.

This is because turbulence can cause passengers to move around their seats and if a seat is reclined, they could hit their head on them.

If your seat is reclined, you’re at a greater risk of head injury, because your head would have further to travel before impact which will generate more force.

“Keeping it up will make the whole flight more enjoyable for everyone, just get a travel pillow or blanket to put behind your head or get a window seat.”
Posting onto a forum on Skyscanner, many frequent travellers have expressed their thoughts and options on the debate surrounding reclining plane seats.

One person wrote: “They should completely remove that function from all chairs. I never ever recline. It is extremely inconsiderate and I don’t care if it’s a long flight or not.”

Another said: “Personal pet peeve is people reclining as soon as they sit down. Please, we haven’t taken off yet, this is like a 1 hour flight, I don’t think you need to be horizontal for this.”

“My other issue is (and you’d be surprised how often this happens) the person in front of me will always wait until the trolley has just passed and I have put a drink down for them to throw their seat back and send my drink flying all over me,” commented a third.

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