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Flight secrets: Disgusting reason you should always carry your own travel blanket

“It depends on how cheap the airline is, but I’ve had my share seeing them refolding the blankets for the passengers on the next flight to use.

“At least they were generous enough to replace the pillow covers and the headrest covers.”

Apparently if the bag is open, you should ask for a sealed one, this way you will know for sure that it is a clean blanket.

Another flight attendant agreed with this and said that clean blankets are only given to the first flight of the day.

Sara Keagle, flight attendant and founder of aviation blog TheFlyingPinto said that blankets are only reused in the economy cabin.

Since this secret has become well known amongst travellers, airlines have since stated that they do replace the blankets.

According to Delta: “Pillows and blankets are laundered after every flight and Main Cabin pillows disposed of after use.

According to travel experts, the best thing to do is to purchase your own airplane pillow and a lightweight blanket.

Using the same pillow and blanket as many other people runs the risk of picking up and spreading germs.

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One research study found that airline blankets had traces of Pseudomonas paucimobilis, known for causing lung and eye infections.

Another study on an airplane blanket that had been wrapped in plastic was found to hold yeast, mould and high counts of bacteria.

Therefore it is best to bring your own travel essentials and if not, make sure the blanket is fully sealed.

This way it will be freshly laundered and you will not have to worry about anyone else using it.

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