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Flight secrets: How to claim free drinks and snacks onboard a plane

This means wiping down the tray tables and head rests with wipes. However not many people carry them which is why one flight attendant said that they have a supply of them onboard and all you need to do is ask.

Hand sanitiser is also available on request on some planes which is great for using before consuming any food.

Complimentary snacks onboard usually consist of a small packet of crisps, biscuits or sometimes nuts.

These are usually very small packets leaving passengers still hungry. This is why you can ask for seconds and the flight staff will be happy to offer any leftovers.

However all customers do have to be served first in order to make sure that everyone receives a treat.

Some airlines even offer free alcohol for those on board their flight. Lufthansa offers a selection of free champagne, wine and beer on its service and Etihad also offers complimentary bar service with a range of spirits to choose from.

Medication is always recommended to be put in hand luggage in case your hold bag goes missing however not everyone does carry the essentials.

Flight staff always carry basic supplies like plasters and painkillers if they were ever needed onboard as well as a small first aid kit.

They are always free and all you have to do is ask a flight attendant.

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Cabin crew also have basic first aid skills and so are always available to help those who need help.

Some airlines can charge lots of money for bottled water and seeing as it is advised to avoid tap water on a plane, this means airlines often put the prices up.

However if you are in desperate need for bottled water, cabin crew will often have small bottles that are free of charge for those who ask.

Source Daily Express :: Travel Feed

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