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Flights: Cabin crew reveal why you should wear shoes onboard an aircraft

Plane staff are well trained when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of the aircraft. Cabin crew members have previously revealed secrets around how often airplanes are really cleaned and what drinks you should and shouldn’t consume when onboard. But one cabin crew member has revealed the real reason why all passengers need to keep their shoes on while in the sky.

Passengers onboard a flight may take their shoes off to relax, especially when flying long haul.

However, it is advised otherwise, according to a flight attendant of a major US airline.

Taking to Quora, the cabin crew member revealed that they had been in the travel industry for 34 years and so definitely knew best when it came to taking shoes off onboard.

They wrote: “First…there is nothing wrong with taking your shoes off while you are SEATED, provided you have foot covering (socks…long haul, I’d suggest support stockings, but…socks).

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Flights: Cabin crew reveal why you should wear shoes onboard an airplane (Image: Getty)

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“People do everyone a favour and wear clean socks, especially if your feet are odorous. Once you leave your seat to walk and stretch or go to the gallery for a drink, or to the lavatories, PLEASE wear shoes!”

The cabin crew member reveals that planes are unsanitary, especially the toilet floors that aren’t cleaned regularly.

The toilet could see thousands of users before it is cleaned and even then it may just be a quick wipe over.

The flight attendant explained how the toilet floors generally get splashed with water, soap or any other liquid that your socks will absorb when stood in.

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They wrote: “Imagine your socks. They are generally made out of absorbent material, meant to keep your feet dry…so they in essence, act like a sponge.

“You just used the lavatory and now your feet are soaked with God knows what. You walk out of the lavatory and thru the cabin, bringing that mystery liquid all thru the cabin and to your seat, where, eventually, you will put your shoes on OVER those same socks.

“And just image…those same socks walking thru the gallery where all of your meals are prepared…Not only that, it’s disrespectful to your fellow passengers and to the crew.

“Oh yeah…and please don’t put your feet on the tray tables (people EAT) there, or on the hand rest of the seat in front of you…shoes or no shoes. Just don’t.”

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Flights: The cabin contains a lot of germs that can easily be spread around the plane (Image: Getty)

While having your shoes off may spread germs around the cabin, there is also another crucial reason as to why you are urged to keep your shoes on for take off and landing.

Another reason in case there is an emergency during the two most riskiest parts of flying.

While plane travel is generally regarded as one of the safest ways of travel, passengers and flight staff still have to prepare in case something out of the ordinary was to happen.

The same flight attendant explained that if there was an emergency like a crash, passengers would have to quickly evacuate out of their seats.

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Flights: You should keep your shoes on when visiting the toilets onboard a plane (Image: Getty)

But if you had your shoes on, glass or debris may get stuck in your feet, causing injury to yourself.

The same flight attendant wrote: “God forbid we should have to evacuate the aircraft for any reason. Assuming that the plane is upright when it stops, and still intact, there will still be hazards in the cabin on the floor AND outside.”

Also, if someone drops anything in the aisles and the lights are dimmed, you may step in it and cause harm to yourself.

Therefore, it is advised to put shoes on whenever you move from your seat while flying, and especially when visiting the toilets onboard.

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