Flights: The best time to book summer flights if you want to save money – it could be now

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The summer months are the perfect time for a holiday, with global destinations boasting some of their highest temperatures. However, with an influx in travellers comes an increase in prices, particularly between July and September when the schools are on holiday.

Luckily, a team of experts have been hard at work sussing out ways in which adventure-seekers can save.

StudentUniverse has discovered that there are savings to be had at certain times of year – but it largely depends on your destination.

For tourists hoping to take in the sights of Europe, the experts say the key is “forward planning”.

According to the data collected by StudentUniverse, it seems now is the time to book your European adventure.

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Flights: The best time to book summer flights if you want to save money – it could be now

Experts revealed some of the best times to book your summer holiday if you want to save money (Image: Getty images)

Flights: The best time to book summer flights if you want to save money – it could be now

Flights: Booking your summer holiday in February could save you money (Image: Getty Images)

“February is the cheapest month to book your trip (perfect timing!) before the prices spike again in March,” said a StudentUniverse spokesperson.

“If you can’t commit to booking your trip this far in advance don’t worry about that either.

“Prices dip again in June, so this may be the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a great deal for your European summer break.”

Those heading to Europe can make even more savings by keeping an eye on the ever-fluctuating pound to euro exchange rate.

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Flights: The best time to book summer flights if you want to save money – it could be now

Flights: Travel to Asia should be planned in advance according to experts (Image: Getty Images)

For the best savings, travellers can get more for their money by locking in rates at peak times.

Though sterling has struggled against the euro in recent months, the latest Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer report concludes that Spain and Portugal remain vacation favourites.

European travellers looking to get the most for their money should look to Corfu, said to be the ultimate money-saving destination due to a reduced cost for meals and drinks.

February is also a great time to book a US trip. Prices for American holidays begin to rise from now onwards.

“Booking a trip to the USA during the early summer months is a huge no,” say the experts.

“Prices begin to rise from May and continue to increase in price until July. And if you can’t get to the USA this summer, you can book your next trip towards the end of this year.”

Meanwhile, travellers heading further afield to South East Asia should plan as far in advance as possible.

“Whether you’re embarking on an epic backpacking trip or just popping to one or two destinations for a short break, you’re going to want to get the best deal on flights,” said the experts.

“If you want a last-minute trip, this will cost you, so best to avoid booking during June, July and August.”

Thankfully, even after an eventful political year, Britons are benefiting from travel money rates this year.

According to The Post Office Travel Money, the British pound is stronger year-on-year against 80 percent of the top 40 currencies compared with last summer.

The report also found that all of the top 40 currencies are weaker than last summer.

Travellers can lock in rates for their holiday well in advance if it seems like the rates are at their peak.

Prepaid travel money cards are the key to this.

Nick Boden, Head of Post Office Travel Money, said: “For holidaymakers planning trips abroad later in 2020, our advice is to keep a close eye on sterling rate movements and load holiday money onto a Post Office Travel Money Card at times when rates are best.”

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