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Flights: Will I need to wear a mask to fly?

The document says: “Passengers should be reminded that typically, face masks should be replaced after being worn for 4 hours, if not advised otherwise by the mask manufacturer, or when becoming wet or soiled, and that they should ensure a sufficient supply of masks adequate for the entire duration of their journey.”

Not sure how to dispose of your mask? There’s plenty of advice on that, and it is a key part of beating the virus.

The document says: “Passengers should be also instructed on the procedures for safe disposal of used face masks; no-touch bins should be available at the airport and single-use waste bags should be available onboard and upon disembarking to dispose of used masks.

“Airport operators and aeroplane operators should include information regarding the proper use and removal of masks and the proper way to dispose of used masks in their health safety promotion material.

“Additionally, airport operators should also consider making possible the acquisition of masks at airports(e.g. through vending machines) in case passengers have no access to face masks beforehand.

“The use of face masks should be considered only as a complementary measure and not as a replacement for established preventive measures, such as physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, meticulous hand hygiene.”

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