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WHAT do you do when you are observing a nationwide movement control order (MCO) and need your speciality coffee fix?

closest thing is the Dalgona, a DIY coffee trend that started in South Korea and became popular courtesy of video app Tik Tok.

Videos of thick frothy coffee being poured over milk, resulting in the coffee ‘cream’ floating on top of the milk.

Essentially, it is a fancy iced latte.

There was even a challenge among netizens to share pictures of their own Dalgona creations. Recently, a convenience store chain even posted its own creative concoction featuring pudding as the base, topped with cold milk and Dalgona coffee.

Whether it is a drink or an elaborate dessert, Dalgona is whatever you want it to be.

The sky is the limit when it comes to how to enjoy your Dalgona. Some have been experimenting with chocolate and green tea. Some have even used their own creativity when it comes to serving it.

Perfect recipe

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The recipe for a perfect Dalgona consists of equal parts instant coffee, hot water and sugar. According to Gwen Manickam, who tried and succeeded in making it: “Blend with a hand mixer or whisk for five to either minutes until the mixture turns light brown and creamy. Add ice and a 3/4 cup of milk to a glass, and top it off with the rich creamy coffee mixture.”

Describing how she came across this coffee trend, Gwen said: “My Facebook feed was overflowing with pictures of something called Dalgona coffee/hot chocolate/macha. Clueless, I consulted my guru Google. Since I am a coffee addict and had all the ingredients at home … it was a no brainer.”

Gwen stopped drinking milk a few years ago and was afraid that it might affect her. Fortunately, her fears were unfounded.

“The Dalgona coffee is just divine. I am planing to try a hot chocolate version later. It’s an easy, inexpensive, DIY treat, especially during this MCO. I love its rich, creamy goodness but will try and refrain from indulging too often.”

Ultimate version

Lim Kim Wui took the Dalgona coffee several steps further by turning it into a multi-layered, multi-textural concoction.

“It actually tastes good and we know what’s in the drink. It’s actually quite healthy compared to bubble tea, and much more affordable.” Lim is also planning an ice cream creation with Dalgona coffee and plans to make a Milo version for her children.

What makes Lim’s ultimate Dalgona version so interesting is that it has a base of coffee with Milo followed by milk, and is topped with frothy coffee as well as two Kit Kat pieces. The Kit Kat pieces were inspired by what her children were eating at the time.


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For the coffee froth

2 teaspoons of Nescafé Gold

2 teaspoons of sugar

2 teaspoons of water

For other layers

1 teaspoon of Milo

1 teaspoon of water

Nestle Just Milk

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2 Kit Kat fingers


Beat all Nescafé Gold, sugar and water until smooth and foamy.

To assemble:

1. Mix Milo with one teaspoon water in glass.

2. Add ice and Nestle Just Milk slowly.

3. Top with coffee froth and place Kit Kat pieces on top.

Shamini Nair describes herself as a Long Black coffee drinker, and the Dalgona coffee provided her with a very different experience.

“It was rich in taste. I wouldn’t say I was hooked but I would definitely have it again. I tried it with cocoa powder but my result was not the same as Dalgona,” said Sharmini.

Syaza Yasmin Zulkifli describes herself as a die-hard coffee fan and was influenced by what she saw on social media.

“It looks interesting and easy to make. The preparation only requires five ingredients which I am sure everyone has at home. Whenever I crave for iced latte I can easily make this coffee at home.”

Describing the taste as being similar to iced latte, Syaza said: “The difference is the bittersweet foam on the top which looks quite pleasing. For me I love my coffee to taste slightly bitter.”

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