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Forget 4K, this new Smart TV brings an IMAX cinema experience to your living room

If you’re missing the experience of watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters on the big screen, we’ve got a solution to help tide you over into the cinemas re-open.

TCL, which has a track record of bringing top-tier features to TVs with a smaller price tags than bigger name rivals, wants to bring an IMAX cinema experience into your living room. The TCL X915 is a whopping 75-inch TV with an IMAX Enhanced certification. That means it meets the benchmarks needed to show-off IMAX Enhanced content in all of its glory – including the expansive 1.90:1 aspect ratio you’ll see when nestling down with popcorn to watch an IMAX movie in your local multiplex. 

And it’s not only the expanded aspect ratio, viewers will also be able to watch in crisp 4K with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support too, which means you’ll see higher levels of contrast when the darkest and brightest parts of the display – perfect for gloomy horror films, or vivid nature documentaries.

Oh, and TCL includes a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar from Onkyo to make sure your movies have the right rumble to match the pixel-packed image on-screen.

IMAX Enhanced, which was announced back in 2018, hasn’t enjoyed quite the same market penetration as rivals like Dolby Vision. However, it’s well worth looking out for on any Smart TVs you’re looking to buy – especially if you’re a real movie fan. Available in the United States, UK and mainland Europe since 2019, IMAX Enhanced is available from a number of certified brands, including TCL, Sony, JBL, Pioneer, and more.

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It’s worth noting that while the TCL X915 boasts an 8K panel, IMAX Enhanced content is currently only available in 4K. Anything else that you watch on the panel, including YouTube videos and your next-generation gaming console, will be displayed in pixel-packed 8K.

TCL CEO Kevin Wang, “It is our absolute pleasure to gain recognition and partner with such an elite program as IMAX Enhanced. TCL Android QLED TVs have met the highest level of standards, and ensure the best colour, contrast, clarity and sound on the market.”

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