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Forget 5G, Samsung smartphones could soon download movies in less than A SECOND

Speaking about it, Sunghyun Choi, Samsung’s Head of the Advanced Communications Research Centre, said: “While 5G commercialisation is still in its initial stage, it’s never too early to start preparing for 6G because it typically takes around 10 years from the start of research to commercialisation of a new generation of communications technology.

“We’ve already launched the research and development of 6G technologies by building upon the experience and ability we have accumulated from working on multiple generations of communications technology, including 5G. Going forward, we are committed to leading the standardisation of 6G in collaboration with various stakeholders across industry, academia and government fields.”

Samsung said they expected work construct a standard for 6G would begin next year and could be completed as early as 2028. Samsung added that this would then be rolled out to consumers around 2030.

A decade is a long time in the fast-moving world of tech – think of the smartphones released in 2010 (iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S) compared to those on high street store shelves now. The lightning-fast download speeds that iOS and Android devices will be able to take advantage of a decade from now should be coupled with futuristic designs we can’t even dream of.

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