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Fortnite cars update: Big release date news for fans waiting on cars coming to Fortnite

UPDATE: Epic Games has confirmed that the big Fortnite Cars update is not being released this week and it looks like the vehicular mayhem has been pushed until August 2020.

According to a new message from the development team, Cars won’t be coming to Fortnite Season 3 until a few bugs have been worked out across, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile and PC.

The message from Epic Games suggests an early release date in August, telling fans: “Fender bender? #NoSweat. Run out of gas? That’s not covered. Our lawyers are currently sweating the policy details and fixing typos like ‘otter coverage’ instead of auto coverage. Due to this, many vehicles got taken for inspection.

“Expect a few weeks until we’re road ready.”

ORIGINAL: The Fortnite cars update is expected to land very soon following several announcements made in the last patch notes shared by developers Epic Games. While drivable vehicles were expected to be added to the game with the release of update 13.30, Epic confirmed they had delayed the launch. They wrote in the official patch notes “No Sweat is investigating auto coverage. Until then, many of the island’s vehicles have been recalled.”

On top of this, new fuel stations have been added to the map and are expected to function as a big part of the upcoming Fortnite cars update.

Epic has been teasing the arrival of cars in Fortnite since the start of season 3 chapter 2.

And now those new ways to get around look set to make a big impact on gameplay, as well as what new items you can earn in the Battle Pass.

From what has been shared so far by dataminers, most of what is needed to launch cars in Fortnite is now in the game.

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And that means they’ve been able to take a look at how strong and versatile the new vehicle type will be.

It looks like that when the next Fortnite update is launched, cars will be able to gather metal in a similar way to how BRUTEs could.

Players will also be able to do Tire Skids and Brake Skids, as well as use some kind of hand brakes feature.

According to the files, while cars will be able to skid all over the place, they will have a max speed of 28-45 and will have around 500 Health.

Gas Pumps and Fuel Stations will need to be visited if you hope to keep buzzing around the map in your new ride, but you may also be able to use jerry cans too.

One of the more obvious features is that cars in Fortnite can explode and could be used as a useful demolition tool against other players.

According to data miners, cars will be able to cause 800 damage to structures, making them extremely effective if you can jump out and detonate your ride.

Cars will also do 200 damage to a player at close-range, but it’s unclear just how effective this will prove when speed is put into the mix.

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