Home Science Fortnite Downtime: Epic Games confirms what’s happening to Fortnite on October 22

Fortnite Downtime: Epic Games confirms what’s happening to Fortnite on October 22

Fortnite Downtime: Epic Games confirms what’s happening to Fortnite on October 22 1

Fortnite Downtime is scheduled for this week and will mean a short break in Chapter 2 gameplay.

Servers are set to be taken offline tomorrow, October 22, and fans will have to wait until everything has been completed before logging back in.

Epic Games confirmed as much earlier today, revealing what’s happening and what kind of update we can expect.

Strangely, the dev team has made particular reference to Fortnite Save the World getting new content, even when posting on the Battle Royale Reddit page.

This is probably just an effort to promote the change they are making to the original mode.

From what has been shared so far, it looks like Fortnite servers will be offline for around three hours, starting at 9am in the UK.

For gamers in the United States, you can expect downtime to start much earlier, at around 4am, EST.

“Hi, everyone, we have patch v11.01 planned for tomorrow,” a message from Epic Games explains.

“This patch includes new content for Save the World and addresses some known game issues. Downtime begins at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC).”

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Fans are hoping that some of the biggest bugs affecting FPS in Fortnite will be fixed with the launch of the new update.

There’s plenty of issues that have been flagged since Chapter 2 kicked off and Epic Games have confirmed that they are looking into a lot of the biggest problems.

Recent messages from the Fortnite support team confirm: “We’re continuing to investigate reports of FPS issues following the Chapter 2 release.

“While digging into what’s causing this, we could use your help. Please share links with us with videos showing the issues you’re seeing. Thank you!”

Adding later: “Thank you for providing us with videos to assist in our investigation. These have been helpful.

“After investigating further, we’ve determined that adjusting sound quality has no impact on performance. We’ll keep you updated as we have more information.”

Fans are also hoping to see changes to the current XP system, which some players have found more of a grind.

There is also plenty of scope for Epic Games to add new weapons and items, since they didn’t move to add much in that category, following the launch of the new map.

One bug that is not listed as being fixed in the next Fortnite release is an issue that has cropped up related to the new Fortnite hideouts.

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The bug that players are encountering launches Fortnite players out of a dumpster hideout and straight into orbit.

The Fortnite bug has been dubbed the “dementor” and it sees Fortnite players being flung towards the clouds before crashing down to earth.

Epic Games has said on Reddit that they are aware of the issue and that a report on the glitch has been filed.

Official patch notes released during the server downtime process will include all the big changes being made to the game.

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