Fortnite End of Season Event: Date, Time and Predictions

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Fortnite End of Season Event: Date, Time and Predictions

It looks like another spectacular in-game event is coming to bring Fortnite Season 2 to a close. Check out the details below to ensure that you don’t miss out.

Throughout Chapter 1, it became somewhat of a tradition for each Fortnite season to conclude with an epic event taking over the island. From the classic Season 4 rocket launch, to the more recent battle between a giant robot and a terrifying monster at the end of Season 9, these events usually leave their mark on the map, setting up the storyline for the following season.

Although we were treated to an exciting Fortnite x Star Wars crossover just before Christmas, there was no such climactic event to wave goodbye to the first season of Chapter 2. After many months with next to no new content, players were incredibly disappointed and left worrying that these events had died along with the old Battle Royale island.

Luckily, this is not the case. A countdown for the Season 2 “Doomsday Event” has appeared in the Fortnite lobby, as well as on Midas’ desk. The event will be taking place on Saturday, May 30, at 2 PM ET. This is 11 AM PT or 7 PM BST, basically the same time as any previous end of season events. Technically, the countdown ends at 5 minutes past the hour, but this should be easier for you to remember and you will want to be there early regardless.

Without going into too much detail, rumours and leaks suggest that the Doomsday device which Midas has been slowly constructing will play a vital role in the event. It appears that, at least to begin with, the action will be going down in the area surrounding The Agency.

The recent Travis Scott: Astronomical event displayed just what Epic Games are capable of when it comes to putting on a show. Jaw dropping visuals, incredible sound and just a touch of inter dimensional travel made for an insane experience. Whilst it may be optimistic to hope for something quite as crazy for the Doomsday event, you still won’t want to miss it.

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