Fortnite Season 3 Cash Cups & FNCS Schedule

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Fortnite Season 3 Cash Cups & FNCS Schedule

Epic Games provided an outline of all official Fortnite events for Season 3 in a recent update article.

Monday was certainly a big day for competitive Fortnite news. On top of the DreamHack open series announcement, some huge pro signings and MrSavage getting his own cup, Epic also shared details of what else is on the way.

In a “Competitive Updates” blog post, the developers discussed a few important topics before providing dates for future tournaments. Most interestingly perhaps, was their philosophy on seasonal items.

As you will have noticed, things like helicopters, Grenades and Crash Pads that were kept out of Arena last season are no longer exclusive to public playlists. In fact, competitive and non-competitive modes now include the exact same content, right down to the gangs of Marauders patrolling the map.

Epic explained that “As new items are added throughout the season, there will be a two week evaluation period where new items are kept out of Arena and tournaments”. It is good to know that they are monitoring this, although their statement didn’t quite make it clear whether the helicopters etc. are likely to stay.

They also introduced some new guidelines for competitive play. Using multiple accounts or smurfing will now result in punishments to both your main account and smurf account. Also, the display name policy will now see players with “questionable” display names potentially disqualified from events. You can check the full set of rules here.

Fortnite Season 3 Tournament Schedule

  • Contender-Only Trios Cash Cups: Every Wednesday from July 15 – August 12

  • Champion-Only Trios Cash Cups: Every Wednesday from July 15 – August 12

  • Platform Cash Cups: Every Thursday from July 16 – August 13

  • Hype Nite: Every Sunday from July 19 – August 16

  • FNCS Qualifier 1: August 1

  • FNCS Qualifier 2: August 2

  • FNCS Qualifier 3: August 8

  • FNCS Qualifier 4: August 9

  • FNCS Finals: August 14 – August 16

*All dates are subject to change

So, we still have a few weeks to wait, but from mid-July until the end of the season there will be plenty of competitive action to sink your teeth into. Epic Games are yet to confirm whether FNCS Solos will be platform specific or not, hopefully they will publish more details and formats soon.

The community love receiving communication like this from the developers and it would be fantastic if these update posts became a regular thing. Time to get practicing!

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