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Fortnite season 4 trailer REVEALED: Man and , Helicarrier

Fortnite 4 trailer has been released by Epic Games, with fans getting their first look at Marvel superheroes and villains on the Battle Royale island.

The official Fortnite YouTube page had a stream page counting down the clock till the 4 trailer was revealed at 7am BST today.

The video had the description: “The war to save Reality starts now.

“Discover how the Heroes and Villains of Marvel ended up on the Island.”

And as the description suggests, the Fortnite 4 trailer showed how iconic Marvel characters ended up on the Battle Royale island.

Man, , She Hulk, Mystique, Thor, Dr Doom and Groot all featured in the trailer for Fortnite 4 Nexus War.

These iconic Marvel characters will be heading to Fortnite as new , as they battle the 4 villain Galactus.

Besides the main Fortnite 4 trailer, a Battle Pass trailer revealed that the iconic Helicarrier will also be heading to Battle Royale.

Fortnite 4 launches today (Thursday August 27), and it marks the first time an entire Battle Pass has been themed around an existing IP.

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But it feels like this has been a long time coming, with Marvel and Epic working together on Fortnite content going all the way back to the 2018 Thanos event.

There has been plenty of other Marvel content that has dropped into Fortnite, such as the Deadpool and Captain America and the Endgame event.

And it looks like the current Fortnite will be offering plenty of Marvel content, with 4 chapter 2 set to be a lengthy one.

Typically new Fortnite s are scheduled to last for 10 weeks, with delays happening in the past that have added on a few extra weeks.

And it looks like the new Battle Pass will exceed this typical 10 week cycle, with Fortnite 4 scheduled to finish on December 11, according to leakers.

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