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Fortnite Split screen update just first Winter surprise with Game Awards news planned

Fortnite Split screen update just first Winter surprise with Game Awards news planned 1

Epic Games revealed the new Split Screen Mode today, without much fanfare or big leaks.

Split Screen Mode was confirmed today as part of the new Fortnite update which went live in the morning and its inclusion in the patch notes was a surprise to many.

It allows gamers to set up Battle Royale games using couch co-op, something that many modern titles don’t support.

It was all the rage back in the 90s and it’s something that gamers are hoping will be back for titles like Halo Infinite.

Fortnite Battle Royale has been available to play for years and hasn’t really ever broached the idea of Split Screen Mode.

This all changed today, with the launch of the option and the chance to buddy up using the same console.

As you might expect, this option is only available to console players right now, and that means PS4 and Xbox One.

No mention has been made regarding Nintendo Switch or PC, but Epic Games does note that they are in the early stages of development.

And that could mean further support in the future, depending on how popular it proves.

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A message from Epic Games explains: “Play Duos and Squads with a friend on the same PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

“This is an early release of Split Screen; we will continue to improve the feature. Please report bugs via the in-game Feedback tool.”

To use the new Split Screen option in Fortnite, gamers will need to select Duos or Squads in the menu.

After choosing this option, you just need to connect a second controller, and select to log in the second player by holding down a button on their device.

And as you might expect, gamers cannot choose to join a Solos game together, as this would lead to some serious screen peeking.


And this is just the first reveal set to be made today, following the news of Epic Games announcing stuff at The Game Awards.

We don’t know exactly what it will be but gamers think it will be connected to the new Winterfest challenges and skins that recently leaked.

It looks like a similar setup to the 14 Days of Fortnite from 2018, which gave players new challenges and cosmetics to complete.

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The annual video game award show kicks off at 1.30am UK time on December 13.

Gaming fans can watch the ceremony live on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and Mixer. Or you can tune in right here to watch the live broadcast below.

In addition to the award ceremony itself, fans can expect reveals for upwards of 15 new games.

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