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Fortnite UPDATE 11.50 leaked Harley Quinn skins, Birds of Prey items, Love and War LTM

Fortnite update 11.50 has gone live alongside a lengthy bout of server maintenance.

With Epic withholding the full list of patch notes until after the game comes back online, hardcore fans have uncovered some interesting secrets about the latest update.

The big news is that the Birds of Prey tie-in is coming to Fortnite in the coming days.

As you can see from the leaked items uncovered by Lucas7Yoshi, fans will be able to purchase a Harley Quinn skin from the item shop.

The Harley Quinn skin is part of the Gotham set, and also comes with its own set of challenges.

The leaked image shows a second style option of the Harley Quinn skin from the Birds of Prey event.

In addition to the new skin, Birds of Prey fans can get the Punchline pickaxe, as well as Harley’s customary baseball bat.

According to the update 11.50 leaks, Fortnite developer Epic Games is also preparing some kind of Valentine’s Day tie-in.

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Fans will be able to pick up the Infatuation Pack, as well as the Lovethorn skin and 

That’s on top of the Heavy Heart pickaxe, the Pinkie’s Pink Pack and various Valentine’s themed weapon skins.

Elsewhere, fans can expect a new Crusher skin, as well as the Ex outfit nad Pinkie costume.

There’s even a new luvvy Back Board style, as well as a couple of fresh emotes.

The Valentine’s skins will seemingly be part of the upcoming Love and War LTM.

The Love and War LTM comes with a host of challenges and rewards. Players will be tasked with healing teammates with a bandage bazooka, and thanking the bus driver in different matches.

Other challenges involve planting and defusing bombs, purchasing items from vending machines and dealing damage to opponents. You can see the full list of Fortnite Love and War challenges below…

• War: Play Search & Destroy matches (2)

• War: Plant or Defuse a bomb in Search and Destroy matches (2)

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• Love: Place top 15 in Duos of Squads matches with a friend (5)

• Love: Purchase items from vending machines in Search & Destroy matches (5)

• Love: Heal a teammate with a Bandage Bazooka (100)

• War: Eliminate opponents in Search & Destroy matches (5)

• War: Eliminate opponents or revive teammates in a single match (3)

• Love: Earn Gold in Search and Destroy matches (2500)

• Love: Thank the Bus Driver in different matches (7)

• War: Purchase a common item from vending machines in Search & Destroy matches (1)

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• War: Deal damage to opponents (1000)

• Love: Gain Health or apply Shields (500)

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