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Fortnite water levels drop again bringing back popular POIs

The water covering the Fortnite island has receded even further, uncovering some classic Chapter 2 spots.

Whilst Epic Games disappointingly announced that we will have to wait a bit longer to drive cars in Fortnite, the roadways are continuing to emerge.

Water levels have once more depleted, revealing a couple of the previously submerged locations.

Craggy Cliffs is now almost entirely back to normal. The bottom sections of a few buildings are still flooded, but there’s plenty of loot available. Craggy is back on the map as a named POI and many fans are loving having their favorite drop back.

Also getting its name back is Weeping Woods. Although there is still some water about, the two main buildings, bridge and sniper tower are all fully accessible. A new gas station has also appeared on the edge of Weeping.

You will need to stop by both Craggy Cliffs and Weeping Woods to add them back to your map. Dirty Docks remains unnamed, but the water levels have dropped even lower.

A bunch of smaller landmarks have also resurfaced, including Logjam Woodworks which has now returned to its former glory. Even mythic POI “The Shark” is slowly starting to creep back, however don’t expect to find much loot.

According to trusted Fortnite leaker @iFireMonkey, the next water level decrease should happen on July 27th. So, if you’re still waiting for your go-to drop spot to come back, hang in there!

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