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FPS & Input Delay Optimization Guide

Not everyone can afford a $ 3,000 supercomputer and not worry about optimizing game performance. Here’s our guide to milking out those extra frames and lower input delay

Video by hindog – YouTube / Twitch

Display Settings

While the display settings are fairly straight forward – messing up any of these will lead to the most input delay and FPS stutters. Ensure that you are using a 16:9 (1920x1080p) monitor in fullscreen mode

Your capped FPS will depend on the refresh rate (hz) if your monitor. Don’t set your max FPS to more than your monitor’s refresh rate to keep consistent frames which will lead to less noticeable drops. Never set max FPS to unlimited for this exact reason



Graphics is quite intuitive in all honesty. Previous FPS boost videos had you mess with brightness and contrast, but after stress tests we concluded that not messing with the settings leads to the most optimized results

Despite pro players touting their favorite colorblind settings, new research shows that setting the default colorblind setting to zero is going to be a handy way to save frames. The less additional color rendering, the better

Graphics Quality


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Here’s an easy way to deal with the entire graphics quality section:

  • use the low preset

  • set 3D resolution to 99% (exactly 99%)

  • set view distance to medium

  • set post processing to medium*

*We set post processing to medium to give you an advantage to look into zone with more clarity. Previously, optimized colorblind settings offered this advantage but this is a fair, fps friendly compromise

Other optimizations

Two more notes before we sign out revolves around minimizing clutter. First off, you’re going to want to reject all pending Epic Games friend requests and remove all current friends if possible. Less friends & invites you have in the Epic Games overlay will directly improve your FPS by as much as 20% in some extreme cases

Finally, the skin you wear has a great impact on your frames and input delay. Using minimal skins that don’t use many pixels (most male skins, warrior skins, etc.) will offer you a significant advantage

In fact, default skin is the most fps optimized skin in Season 3. If you’re willing to look like a bot default, you’ll be rewarded with a few extra frames and slightly lower delays

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That’s all we got today – follow us on Twitter for more educational Fortnite guides!

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