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France chaos as Macron's riot squad break into violent clash with firefighters – VIDEO

French firefighters faced off against riot police in Paris on Tuesday. Several thousand firefighters took to the streets to protest understaffing, a threat to their government pensions, lack of recognition and lacklustre risk premiums. Many complained that their risk premiums did not match those of the police and the gendarmerie.

The riot police deployed water cannons, smoke grenades and erected large metal barriers to block off the fire service protestors.

The riot police continue to use crowd control grenades despite controversies stemming from their use against both the Yellow Vest protestors and the pension reform protesters.

The video footage shows the moment riot police hit protestors with their batons.

Some firefighters can be seen stumbling and attempting to get back up at their feet while pushing the riot police back.

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Multiple videos have been circulating on social media showing violent clashes break out between the two groups.

The police argued that many protesting firefighters had abandoned the prearranged route which ultimately resulted in fierce clashes with the riot police.

At one point during the protest, multiple firefighters symbolically set themselves on fire.

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