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Full Moon horoscope: How will the August Full Moon last night affect you?

On Monday August 3 at 4.58pm in the UK, a Full Moon occurred. Celebs and those who are invested in the lunar cycle made Moon Water, harvesting the energy of the Moon overnight in a glass of water. Victoria Beckham famously leaves a glass of water exposed to the Moon’s light on a Full Moon. She then drinks this water for beauty, power and energy.



The Moon’s movement through its phases affects our moods, energy levels and actions, says Moon mentor and author of Lunar Living: Working With The Magic Of The Moon Cycles Kirsty Gallagher.

Kirsty said: “Month on month the Moon moves through a cycle of different phases from dark to new, waxing (growing bigger) to full, waning (getting smaller) back to dark.

“As she does she takes us on a powerful inner journey with her.

“Working with the Moon and her phases means that rather than being thrown around by emotions and life, you get to take back control and make relevant changes in your life.

“You can work with the ancient wisdom and magic of the Moon ‘s cycles to do this.”

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Full Moon horoscope: Embrace the power of the full moon for the next couple of days (Image: Getty)

Full Moon horoscope: There is a full moon about once a month (Image: Getty)

How will the August Full Moon last night affect you?

A Full Moon is the lunar phase when the Moon appears fully illuminated from Earth’s perspective

This happens when Sun and the Moon are aligned across from one another, with the Earth right in between.

The alignment allows the Sun’s rays to fully light up the Moon’s Earth-facing side for a short time.

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This happens about once a month (or more precisely, every 29.53 days).

Full Moon horoscope: Lots of people make moon water on a full moon (Image: Getty)

Last night, the Sturgeon Moon made an appearance and will appear full for about three days either side of August 3.

That means you are able to reap the benefits of the moon for today and tomorrow if you missed out last night.

Whether you use this information to make life changes or simply make moon water, it’s up to you.

So what exactly does a Full Moon mean for our lives?

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Kirsty said: “The Full Moon is the time of completion and illuminating what stands in the way, the waning phase gives us the opportunity for release and letting go.

“Each month we infuse our intentions with more and more energy until they come to life.

“The Full Moon brings a moment of completion and an honest check in.”
She advises using the Full Moon to look back over the first half of the lunar cycle at what worked and what you achieved.

Rule out what didn’t and what you allowed to get in the way – you can work on these actions next month.

Full Moon horoscope: Use the full Moon to reassess your purpose (Image: Getty)

This Full Moon is in Aquarius, making it the perfect time to realign with your purpose.

It’s time to break free of chains and trust your instincts.

Kirsty said: “Deep trust in yourself, in life, in the synchronicities and signs that present themselves to you at all times, to the little inner voices that nudge you, to the road less travelled that you keep making excuses not to walk down.

“This Moon is here to help you to fearlessly seek your truth and to most of all find an unwavering faith in where your journey is taking you.

“It’s an illumination of all that keeps you in the nearly but not quite so that you can move forwards into all you are here to be.

“Now is the time to become the alchemist of your own life, so there couldn’t be a better time to begin working with the magic of the Moon.”

Source Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

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