Game of Thrones end: Sorry, resurrecting Daenerys is IMPOSSIBLE and here’s the proof

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Game of Thrones end: Sorry, resurrecting Daenerys is IMPOSSIBLE and here's the proof 1

So many fans are hoping the faithful dragon has taken his fallen mistress to the priests across the ocean. The fans also somehow hope a resurrected Dany would reunite with Jon Snow, even though he is the one who stuck a dagger in her. Apart from redefining the concept of a dysfunctional relationship to a whole new level, these fans are missing the huge problem at the heart of the situation. R’hllor and his followers definitely have the ability to bring the chosen few back from the dead, but Daenerys has no chance.

The fact is the followers of the Lord of Light absolutely can not resurrect whoever they want. It is not their choice. The question has never been whether someone can be resurrected, but why.

R’hllor grants the power to restore life but for one reason only.

Beric Dondarion had to be brought back so many times because he still had one vital role to fulfil. He had to save Arya so she could go on and kill the Night King.

Jon Snow had to be brought back because, so we were lead to believe, he was the destined Prince Who Was Promised or something similar. Except he wasn’t, at least not so far as destroying the Night King went.

Jon did have a destiny and he was brought back for one reason, just not the one everyone in Westeros (and watching on their televisions) thought.

Jon was brought back by the God of Light, via his chosen agent Melisandre, to kill Daenerys.

Poor Daenerys was always so sure she had a great and glorious destiny. She was wrong about being heir to the Iron Throne. She was also fundamentally wrong about being the hero the world needed to right all wrongs. 

It should be remembered Melisandre never took much interest in Daenerys, her god’s eyes were never fixed on the Targaryen queen.

In fact, not only did Daenerys have to die, she was killed by the agent of the God of Light. There is absolutely no coming back from that.

Why on Westeros would the god R’hllor (or whatever mystical forces were at work) grant the power to bring back someone he had already decided needed to die?

Daenerys was wrong about her destiny. There is nothing left for her to do because she was never meant to be the one who defeats the darkness of The Night King. Nor was she meant to be the one who would remake the world.

She was et equal and opposite of the Night King, not the key to his destruction. They were two sides of the same coin. With him gone, she serves no purpose. She has no need to return. She will not be resurrected.

The most likely scenario is that Drogon has flown back to Old Valyria. Some sort of homing instinct will draw the dragon back to the ancient source of the dragons and the ancient families who once rode them and ruled a huge empire.

Daenerys is the last of her kind. Her story ends back where it all began.

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