Game of Thrones plot hole: Dothraki error leaves fans stumped – 'Why in the world?'

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Game of Thrones plot hole: Dothraki error leaves fans stumped – 'Why in the world?'

A Song of Ice and Fire fans will never forget the first book in the franchise, A Game of Thrones. Within the first tome written by George RR Martin readers were introduced into the elaborate world of Westeros, and indeed its eccentric and violent inhabitants. However, fans have been looking a little closer at it in recent weeks, as Winds of Winter does not yet have a release date.

While Game of Thrones has had a number of inconsistencies pointed out over the years, fans have begun looking at it once again.

The first book in the franchise saw Daenerys Targaryen being introduced, before being sold off to the Dothraki.

During this trade agreement Daenerys was given to Khal Drogo, a powerful member of the community.

But fans have called into question how the trading system works in the Dothraki territory, Vaes Dothraki.

In the book it is shown that the Dothraki don’t have any real currency.

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Instead they function off of a primitive trading system, whereby they trade goods for other goods.

But fans have pointed out this is not exactly a great place for travelling merchants to go, as they will never get the best deal possible.

Reddit user Jorah_the_Vandal recently posited: “Why in the world would anyone trade there?

“The Dothraki have no currency system, they just pay what they think is fair in some sort of exchange that is in no way based on the seller’s price.

“The reason to trade there is its location makes it a sort of nexus of the East and the West, it’s one of the few places where western merchants will find merchants from east of the Bone Mountains.

“I imagine the goods from East of the bones are rare enough in the west to make the journey worth it.”

While this helps the situation, it does not exactly outline the perfect example of the Dothraki’s trading procedures.

Despite this, fans will simply have to try to understand it going forward, as the Dothraki aren’t really making appearances in the books anymore.

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