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Game of Thrones plot hole: Fans spot error with Arya's West of Westeros plan

Game of Thrones plot hole: Fans spot error with Arya's West of Westeros plan 1

With the series finale almost a year behind disappointed fans, some viewers are still debating Game of Thrones’ final moments. While conversations about the popular HBO fantasy series rage on, many think the finale introduces major ramifications for Westeros.

Although the rest of the series was mostly very well received, The Iron Throne has quickly become one of the most controversial episodes of television in recent years.

The epic final showdown was felt to betray several fan favourite characters, as bizarre decisions and unceremonious deaths tarnished what had been a compelling fantasy drama.

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Readers are hoping George R. R. Martin’s next instalment in his series of books, The Winds of Winter, will help clear up the confusing mess of GOT’s final seasons.

Moreover, upcoming spin-off House of the Dragon is hoped to regain some positive favour when it begins airing in 2020.

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Aside from lacklustre deaths and Daenerys (played by Emilia Clarke) suddenly succumbing to madness, many fans were confused by Arya Stark’s (Maisi Williams) decisions in the finale.

Rather than staying behind with the new king Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) to help rebuild King’s Landing, Arya gets hold of a ship and sails to the west of Westeros.

Many were left baffled by this decision, as Arya had only mentioned a desire to explore once before. 

Others are unconvinced there even is anything worth exploring to the west of the fantasy continent, and Arya could be sailing towards certain doom.

It’s possible Bran’s Greensight isn’t attuned enough to see beyond the borders of Westeros, but given his sight becomes powerful enough to take the helm of the Three-Eyed-Raven himself, there’s no reason he wouldn’t have some insight to what’s beyond the uncharted oceans.

One fan did offer an explanation and said: “From what I can determine he’s limited to proximity to Weirwoods and the memories of those that have been absorbed into the network. There’s presumably no Weirwoods west of Westeros.”

Meanwhile, other viewers are speculating whether there is anything worth discovering beyond Westeros.

To the east of the continent is Essos, rough, barren lands home to the Dothraki, and another fan outlined how Arya could just end up there when she comes to the end of her travels.

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