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Open Country Coming to Xbox One on June 3

Today we reveal a brand-new gameplay trailer for Open Country, an upcoming outdoor adventure and survival game coming to Xbox One on June 3, with all new info and brand-new reveals. Read on to learn more!


Open Country covers three massive wilderness maps at launch. Mellow Hills, Tumnus Valley, and Snowridge. Each map represents a different season with its own weather, animals and survival challenges. You’ll need to equip the right gear and stick up your camp to make it to the next day.

Survival / Tracking / Hunting

Everyone needs to eat and there’s no supermarket in Open Country. Tracking and hunting local game, such as elk or rabbit, is how you’ll get your next meal. Look around for recent tracks that will lead you to big game that have recently passed by and take your shot. Be careful! Any stray noise, or the scent of a hunter moving upwind, can be enough to scare them off and you’ll go hungry. Explore the map and find the best hunting grounds. You may even decide to build a camp nearby to make return visits and food storage easier.

Open Country

ATV – Snowmobile

Getting around the massive maps of Open Country can take a while if you’re traveling on foot. Luckily, we’ve added some other ways to get around. Grab an ATV or snowmobile and you’ll cut travel time significantly. There is a cost, however. Riding a motorized vehicle though the wilderness will scare away most game. If you need to bag some big game, you’ll need to make the final part of your trek on foot.

Open Country


Today’s video reveals a major part of the game that we have been looking forward to showing off… fishing! Head to the shore of a nearby lake or river, or hop into a fishing boat, and cast your line into the water. You’ll choose from a variety of fishing rods and bait to best suit your location. There’s a wide variety of fish to be caught, and each can supplement your meal choices.

Character Creation and Co-Op

Any adventure is better when you share it with a friend. Open Country launches with online two-player co-op modes. In co-op, two players work together to survive the wilderness and complete a hunt for big game. In versus mode, two players will compete to be the first to bag the trophy.

Open Country


While playing with a friend is fun, you’ll be pleased to know that Open Country lets you play with your best friend… a dog! Your faithful companion will join on your adventure to help you track game or fetch smaller animals that you bag.

Author: Jason Ryan, Sr Community Manager, 505 Games
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

The hills are alive with the sound of… Resident Evil Village

The hills are alive with the sound of... Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village is out now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

To promote the high-profile new launch, Capcom has commissioned a very unusual publicity stunt.

Located on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset, Capcom has hired somebody to create a huge chalk figure of Lycan.

“Following a week of speculation surrounding England’s latest hillside artwork, the mystery is finally uncovered since it appeared in a ribbon of light seven days ago,” reads a Capcom post.

“The 58m high and over 100m long ‘Lycan’ installation, spotted by visitors and passers-by over the Bank Holiday weekend, has been claimed by Capcom to celebrate today’s launch of Resident Evil Village, the latest entry in the genre-defining survival horror video game franchise.”

Joining over 50 chalk figures scattered throughout the country, the glowing Lycan installation was created in less than 24 hours.

Resident Evil Village cheapest prices and best discount deals on PS5, PS4 and Xbox

“The ‘Lycan’ artwork, positioned amongst the rolling hillsides and rural communities, mirrors the all-new storyline of the latest game as it follows protagonist Ethan as he seeks to uncover the mysterious new horrors that plague a once peaceful village.

“Ethan will face off against many threats such as fast-moving creatures that relentlessly stalk him, each desperate battle for survival intertwined with moments of calm as players wonder what new horrors await…”

If you want to pick up a copy of the new Resident Evil game, ShopTo is selling the game for £49.85.

Click here for the PS5 version, click here for the PS4 version, click here for the Xbox version, and finally, click here for the PC version, which costs £39.85.

Argos is selling the game for only slightly more, although the retailer currently only has the PlayStation version in stock. Click here to buy Resident Evil Village for £49.99 from Argos.

If you want to rack up some additional points, you can order Resident Evil Village from GAME, where it costs £59.99 on Xbox, and £59.99 on PlayStation.

A direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the game once again utilises a first-person perspective, as Ethan Winters explores a mysterious village in search of answers.

“Experience survival horror like never before in the eighth major installment in the storied Resident Evil franchise – Resident Evil Village,” reads the official description.

“Set a few years after the horrifying events in the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard, the all-new storyline begins with Ethan Winters and his wife Mia living peacefully in a new location, free from their past nightmares.

“Just as they are building their new life together, tragedy befalls them once again.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

This Week on Xbox May 7, 2021

Xbox Game Pass - May 2021

Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Red Dead Online, Final Fantasy X/X-2, FIFA 21, and More
I’m back for some more “coming soon” goodness and this round, we’re bringing a wide range of games for you to look forward to. We’ve got games to build in, score goals in, shred down the Alps in, explore the American Frontier with your friends in, and even games to… Read more

Save up to 50% During the 505 Games Publisher Sale
It’s time to grab your katana and service weapon, head to start line and dive into the 505 Games Publisher Sale, now live on the Xbox Store.
The 505 Games Publisher Sale offers some amazing deals on a wide range of our titles, including… Read more

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Available Now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S
It’s time to return to a world full of survival horror with Resident Evil Village on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Taking place after the chilling events at Baker’s plantation from Resident Evil 7: biohazard, Ethan Winters returns to visit a remote snow-capped village that may have… Read more

Join the War Effort in Second Extinction
Welcome to Second Extinction. We’re excited to bring you our dinosaur co-op shooter to Xbox Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass! During our time in Preview, we’re going to be listening to what you, the community, expect and desire out of a game like ours. Please add your… Read more

AAPI Heritage Month Hero

Xbox Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
We started the Asians at Xbox community two years ago, hoping to provide a space for our community to connect and support each other. We also wanted to contribute to the important mission of creating a safe place where everyone on the planet can experience… Read more

Super Animal Royale Is Clawing Its Way to Xbox Game Preview on June 1
Super Animal Royale is making its console debut on June 1 via the Xbox Game Preview program on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Xbox Game Pass members can also get the Founder’s Edition for free during its Game Preview release through the Xbox Game Pass Perks program… Read more

Mental Health Awareness Hero

Xbox Spotlight: Mental Health Awareness Month
In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Xbox is amplifying voices of empathy, honesty, and mental health awareness. Now more than ever, people are experiencing new challenges which impact their mental health. With the ongoing pandemic, physical isolation… Read more

Adventure Game The Wardrobe Arrives on Xbox One
Our passion for adventure games precedes everything. When we decided to develop The Wardrobe, we had the goal of making a video game that could draw inspiration from the masterpieces of the genre, such as Monkey IslandDay of the TentacleSam & Max: Hit the RoadRead more

FIFA 21 EA Play Hero

FIFA 21 is Headed to The Play List on May 6
Starting May 6, EA Play members can hit the pitch and get great rewards when FIFA 21 is added to The Play List. Join EA Play, or access EA Play membership via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass for PC, and you’ll unlock a fresh EA Play Volta Squad Boost and… Read more

Celebrate National Space Day with a Closer Look at Curved Space
Curved Space
 is a nod to classic twin-stick arcade shooters that amps up the blasting experience with an epic synthwave soundtrack by FiXT Neon that fuels your mission set in the farthest reaches of space. You’ll take on giant alien tripod spiders and humongous boss monsters… Read more

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Designing the Felony System and Stealth Mechanics in Hood: Outlaws & Legends
Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a third-person, cooperative multiplayer heist game, set against a medieval-inspired backdrop; think Payday meets “Game of Thrones!” The game pits two teams against each other, whose goal is to be the team that steals the riches from the… Read more

Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl Pre-Orders Are Now Live on the Xbox Games Store
A few weeks ago, our team at Interabang Entertainment revealed that we’re bringing our 8-bit-inspired Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl to Xbox with the latest version, Arcade Edition. Mall Brawl is a prequel to our upcoming game Chronic Blunt Punch and a reward for fans… Read more

Rocket League - Nascar

The NASCAR Fan Pack Speeds into Rocket League
Drivers, take your starting positions. The green flag waves for the NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack in Rocket League! Get your garage ready for this new bundle that’s packed with gear from the top teams in the sport. Now, you’ll be able to outfit your car just in time for… Read more

Turning TV Episodes into Dark Nights with Poe and Munro
Hello Xbox fans! We’re D’Avekki Studios, a game studio run by myself, Lynda Cowles, and my husband Tim Cowles. We’re huge fans of Full Motion Video (FMV) games and television shows, so we’re delighted to be able to merge them both together in… Read more

Free Play Days - May 6

Free Play Days – Peaky Blinders: Mastermind and Hunting Simulator 2
Become the Mastermind or explore the wilderness in this weekend’s Free Play Days! Peaky Blinders: Mastermind and Hunting Simulator 2 are available for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play from Thursday, May 6 at 12:01 a.m. PDT until SundayRead more

Creating the First-Person Puzzle Game Summertime Madness
Summertime Madness is a first-person puzzle game that’s coming soon to Xbox One. The player, in the role of a painter who has made a pact with the devil, must find his way back to the real world after being deceived and trapped in one of his paintings. A journey… Read more

The Colonists

7 Tips for Building Your Dream Settlement in The Colonists
The Colonists is a relaxing city-building game that combines charming robots and automated production. Get ready to harvest resources and set up manufacturing lines by constructing road, boat, and train transport systems. Most important of all? Increase the… Read more

The One-Off Audi AI:RACE Comes First to Project CARS 3
When we began planning content for the final DLC for Project CARS 3, we asked our automotive partners what they had in their Electric Vehicle (EV) pipeline. That’s one of the more rewarding parts of my job because the EV space right now is where the action is, and the… Read more

Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion New DLC and Title Update 4.0 Now Available
Watch Dogs: Legion players can grab a new DLC character and single-player mission starting today on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as a slew of free additions to the campaign and Online mode with Title Update 4.0. Available via the Season Pass or as a separate… Read more

Join Left 4 Dead’s Bill Overbeck in Tome VII of the Dead by Daylight Archives 
Hello, People of the Fog. Mark your calendars – a new Tome is opening within the Dead by Daylight Archives. Get set for compelling new lore, a challenging new Rift, and more exclusive outfits and charms than you can shake an assault rifle at as a Left 4 Dead icon takes… Read more

Next Week on Xbox - Hero Image

Next Week on Xbox: May 10 to 14
Welcome to Next Week on Xbox! Here we cover all the new games coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC as well as upcoming Xbox Game Pass and soon-to-be released [email protected] titles! Get more details on the games below and click their profiles… Read more

We know you’re busy and might miss out on all the exciting things we’re talking about on Xbox Wire every week. If you’ve got a few minutes, we can help remedy that. We’ve pared down the past week’s news into one easy-to-digest article for all things Xbox! Or, if you’d rather watch than read, you can feast your eyes on our weekly video show above. Come back every Friday to find out what’s happening This Week on Xbox!

This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Warzone update today: New Call of Duty download out now, full patch notes revealed

Warzone update today

Warzone update today – Patch notes for new Call of Duty download (Image: ACTIVISION)

Warzone players can download a new update today, with Raven Software releasing the latest patch for the free-to-play Call of Duty shooter. The latest Warzone update was released on Friday May 7 and brings with it map exploit fixes, weapons balancing updates and more. Today’s Warzone update began rolling out around 4pm BST for PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PCs.

Announcing the brand new Warzone update the Raven Software Twitter posted: “A #Warzone update is going live now!

“Includes additional fixes for map exploits, Weapons and Attachments balancing, and more!

“The Season Three notes have been updated”.

The account went on to add: “Included in the May 7th #Warzone Patch Notes – General changes to loot and Bug Fixes to map exploits & more.

“Weapon balancing to AMAX, FARA 83, Streetsweeper, & more.

“Attachments changes to various Barrels, Optics, and Stocks.”

You can find full patch notes for the May 7 Warzone update – which were detailed in a post on the Raven Software website – below…

Call of Duty Warzone: Activision teases latest update



Loot that spawns across both Verdansk and Rebirth Island has been adjusted as follows…


Common variant removed from ground loot

Uncommon variant removed from ground loot

Rare variant removed from Supply Boxes

Epic variant removed from Supply Boxes

Hauer 77

Common variant added to ground loot

Uncommon variant added to ground loot

Rare variant added to Supply Boxes

The Streetsweeper’s wide availability fostered a dynamic where passive play was incentivized and rewarded. We do not think this type of play is particularly compelling for either party when players do not have the necessary tools in the early-game to effectively counter it.


Fixed additional map locations in Verdansk that allowed players to reach out-of-bounds areas. This is on top of the locations that we addressed last week.

Fixed a bug causing Player models to initially load as low resolution at the start of a BR match.

Fixed a bug with the Cold War AK-47, FARA 83, XM4, and RPD where they were having their ADS Move Speed and Firing Move Speeds decreased with the Tactical and SAS Combat/Spetsnaz Stocks rather than increased.


We would like to preface the following Weapon changes by providing you with some insight on our thought process.

There are millions of you, and when we reduce the effectiveness of a weapon, we are bound to make a change to someone’s favorite gun. As players of this game ourselves, it pains us just as much. However, we remain torn. We are the custodians of this game—we make it for you. In the same light, we are charged with maintaining the health and integrity of the game. In some instances, this requires us to reduce the effectiveness of some universally cherished weapons. When we make a change like this, our intent is the promotion of diversity. We believe what makes a game truly engaging is choice. When we diminish that choice, we take away the agency to play the game your way. This can happen when a weapon becomes so effective that simply not utilizing it puts you at a disadvantage.

With that being said, we feel we are close to a ‘balance homeostasis’ where most options are at the very least viable. Which leaves us to address Time to Kill. The following balance changes are part of our ongoing efforts to raise TTK or at least the individual skill required to reach extreme ones. We ask that you consider these changes not as targeted attacks, but rather as part of a larger initiative to raise the skill ceiling.

We want to give you the runway and the platform to show us your epic plays and proudest moments. We hope that journey of mastery brings you as much enjoyment as it does us.

Assault Rifles


Minimum Damage decreased from 32 to 31 (Warzone Only)

With a great damage profile, locational multipliers, and manageable recoil, the CR-56 AMAX was able to reliably reach extreme TTKs at long-range. This change reduces its fastest minimum damage TTK by about 17% in addition to its slowest minimum damage TTK by an additional shot. Its fastest maximum damage TTK however, remains intact—which is a risk we feel is equal to the reward considering how unforgiving its rate of fire is and how many other weapons it has to contest with in the mid-range engagement space. The CR-56 AMAX is just a tad more dominant than we would like it to be and with this change, our aim is to widen the selection of viable long-range assault rifles.


Headshot Multiplier decreased from 1.5 to 1.35

Base ADS Move Speed decreased by 7%

When combined with a mobility-based stock, the FARA 83 was capable of reaching exceedingly fast ADS firing speeds. We like how the FARA 83 plays, but it is a bit too versatile currently. As part of our efforts to increase the overall Time to Kill, we are reducing the FARA 83’s fastest TTK by 16.6% to compensate for its generous rate of fire and recoil control.



Base Hip Spread increased

Recoil increased slightly

ADS speed reduced slightly

While shotguns tend to have limited viability outside of early game, we find the Streetsweeper is a tad too effective given its rate of fire and ammo capacity when compared to other weapons of its class. This change will decrease its lethal range slightly, punish inaccurate sustained fire, and give a little more time to react.

Submachine Guns


Maximum Damage decreased from 34 to 32

Maximum Damage Range increased by 11%

Base Move Speed increased by 1%

Sprint Out Speed increased by 13%

The Bullfrog’s exceptional headshot multiplier has allowed it to reach one of the fastest TTKs in the game. While this change does not directly affect that multiplier, it does diminish its output. This change reduces the Bullfrog’s ability to consistently achieve extreme TTKs, while not removing it entirely. We felt it was too easy to consistently reduce the TTK to these ranges, so we are asking for a bit more accuracy in exchange for the Bullfrog’s attractive stat line. We are hesitant to label this an outright ‘nerf’ as we believe there is more value to a weapon than its damage alone.


Maximum Damage Range increased by 4%

Open Bolt Delay decreased by 80%

We would like to push SMGs in different and interesting directions to distinguish them from one another. Ideally, we are providing a myriad of options within each weapon category that are supplementary to a multitude of diverse playstyles. In that vein, we are going to push the PPSh-41’s identity in a way that continues to diversify it from its competition in meaningful ways. To us, the PPSh-41 is the quick to fire, high-capacity, short-to-mid range SMG. Not every weapon needs to have the highest TTK potential, but every weapon should at least feel viable and have a niche where it excels given a complementary playstyle.



Combat Recon (Snipers)

Bullet Velocity multiplier increased by 12%

ADS Idle Sway multiplier decreased by 33.3%

As we continue assess the place of Cold War snipers within Warzone, we realize there is much work to be done. In addition to improving the overall efficacy of these weapons and attachments, we will also be taking a close look at their optics. This includes addressing attachment pros where there are few, if any, use cases. In specific… we may see a Cold War equivalent to an immensely popular Modern Warfare sniper attachment very soon.


Axial Arms 3x (Cold War AK-47)

Optic behavior improved


Raider/KGB Skeletal Stock (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Snipers)

ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 75%

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%

Raider/KGB Skeletal Stock (Submachine Guns)

ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 50%

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%

SAS Combat/Spetsnaz Stock (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Snipers)

ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 75%

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%

SAS Combat/Spetsnaz Stock (Submachine Guns)

ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 50%

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%

Tactical Stock (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Snipers)

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 75%

Tactical Stock (Submachine Guns)

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 50%

It is crucial to maintain an engagement space where each weapon type can excel, lest we risk guns becoming analogous. In that regard, some weapon types were able to elude mobility as a core weakness given the right attachments. We believe this is in part why assault rifles have been able to assume the role of submachine guns. While it is a priority for us to maintain and embrace gameplay differences between Modern Warfare and Cold War guns, we felt movement speed modifiers in their current state would undermine gameplay integrity and overall weapon diversity if left unchecked. These stocks are still a solid choice, even with such a substantial reduction—which we believe speaks to just how strong they were.

Finally, we would like to address concerns that we are only going to be making changes to Cold War weapons. In the future, we fully intend on taking a closer look at some of the Modern Warfare weapons that have been struggling.

And as always, please continue to share your feedback. We are always listening!

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

PSA: New Pokémon Snap's Professor Mirror Is A Monster

Dead?! No, no, he's just stunned. Pinin' for the fjords, he is
Dead?! No, no, he’s just stunned. Pinin’ for the fjords, he is (Image: Angel Miranda)

We didn’t think we would have to say this, because you’ve all been to a zoo, right? You know the bit where it says “please don’t feed the animals”? Well, the implication is also that you shouldn’t LOB UNDER-RIPE FRUITS AT THEM, EITHER.

And yet, here we are. Multiple people have reported that — to their utter surprise — chucking hard objects at animals knocks them out. Did you need us to tell you that? Do you also want us to tell you not to kick puppies? Honestly.

But there’s really one person to blame, and that’s Professor Mirror, the chaotic force that gives you these apples, and names them “Fluffruit” like we can’t all see that those are apples, Professor. What happened to “not interfering with the local fauna”, eh? Is there a Lental version of PETA that we should be calling?

But oh, it gets worse. Professor Mirror doesn’t just encourage you to zonk out these poor, innocent Pokémon. Oh, no. He wants you to actively take photos of animals being devoured.

What kind of Professor are you, Mr Mirror? Did you get your degree from the University of Sadists? Why are you so fascinated by the food chain, and why have you roped a young student into feeding your mad taste for murder?

Does this look like it doesn't hurt?
Does this look like it doesn’t hurt? (Image: Tom Scott)

Still, he’s technically better than Professor Oak, who used to fill balls with poisonous gas to throw at the Pokémon back in the original game. Sure, apples Fluffruit have replaced Prof Oak’s more, ahem, unorthodox methods, apparently because the developers were trying to be more humane, but David Attenborough would still not approve.

Have you had moments of abject horror in New Pokémon Snap? Have you inadvertently killed a Pikachu with a slightly-too-firm vegetable? Let us know in the comments.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

Destiny 2 servers are down and unavailable – How long is D2 Maintenance today?

Destiny 2 servers are down and unavailable - How long is D2 Maintenance today?
Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 servers are down today so that they can perform maintenance before the start of Season 14.

Annoyingly for fans of the hit shooter, maintenance began just before Xur and Trials of Osiris began, meaning there will be less time to play them this week.

And there is no way for Bungie to extend both events as Season 14 will be going live on Tuesday, May 11.

The good news is that Destiny 2 servers will only be down for few hours and should be back online before the end of the day.

A new post from Bungie provides the latest information, telling fans: “Destiny 2 is being brought offline for expected maintenance.

“At 2 PM PDT (2100 UTC), players will be able to log back into Destiny 2. Ongoing maintenance is expected to conclude at 3 PM (2200 UTC).”

For gamers in the UK, this means that Destiny 2 servers will be back online at 10pm BST, on May 7.

It should be noted that while there is Maintenance being conducted today, there will still need to be another period of downtime on May 11.

This is so Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer can commence, and will also mean gamers will need to download a new patch.

Early patch notes for next week’s Destiny Season 14 launch can be found below:

Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments 

  • Colorblind Support 
  • Sublcass Tuning 
    • Hunters 
    • Titans 
      • Shiver Strike melee energy is now refunded when Glacial Quake ends.  
      • Fixed an issue in which players can trigger Whisper of Torment by standing in an opponent’s Barricade. 
    • Warlocks 
      • Shadebinder 
      • Chaos Reach 


Regarding future tuning plans, we also wanted to pull a word from Sandbox Discipline Lead Kevin Yanes:  


Kevin: Hey all! 


The Sandbox team is working on a slew of tuning updates over the next few Seasons. We’re aware of key points of feedback in PvE and PvP. In update 3.2.0, we have a few minor changes to Stasis Hunters and some bug fixes that you see above. Here’s a quick list of some key places we’re actively looking at for the future: Stasis Freeze, Slow accuracy penalties, and Whisper of Hedrons. We will share more with you soon. 


Now, back to the patch notes preview!  


Nav Mode (Menu that appears when pulling out your Ghost)

  • Separated Bounties from Quests in Nav Mode. 
  • All Bounties now appear in Nav Mode. They can no longer be tracked as a result. 
  • Category switching on keyboard and mouse can now be controlled with the scroll wheel. 
  • Tracked Triumph now appears in its own Nav Mode category. 


  • Legends added to the Director Destinations tab. 
  • Shortcut between HUD quest step notifications and quest details screen added for keyboard and mouse users. 
  • 6v6 Crucible activities have an updated intro experience. 


  • H.E.L.M. now appears in the Director Destinations tab (moved from Tower map) and has its own map.  
  • Focused Umbral Engrams and Prismatic Recaster 
    • Umbral Engrams now auto-decrypt when Focused via the Prismatic Recaster. 
    • The visual states for focusing options on the Prismatic Recaster have been streamlined to reduce visual clutter and confusion. 

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

Next Week on Xbox: May 10 to 14

Welcome to Next Week on Xbox! Here we cover all the new games coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC as well as upcoming Xbox Game Pass and soon-to-be released [email protected] titles! Get more details on the games below and click their profiles for pre-order details when available (release dates are subject to change). Let’s jump in!

Death Crown – May 12

Death Crown – May 12

Death Crown is a minimalist real time strategy game in a 1-bit style, where you will be play Death herself, commanding her legions, and punishing humanity’s Kingdom for its overconfidence. Upgrade your troops, march through your foe’s lands, sowing death and destruction, behold the fall of the Humanity’s Kingdom in a breathtaking campaign.

Rift Racoon – May 12 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Rift Racoon – May 12 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Get ready for intense precision platforming as you take the role of a rascally racoon named Tucker who possesses a curious ability – teleportation! Tucker needs your help to find a way home and escape the mysterious robot that won’t get off his tail. Use his claws to climb walls, leap over pitfalls and spikes, teleport through barriers and more across 50 handcrafted levels.

Sure Footing – May 13 – Xbox One X Enhanced / Xbox Play Anywhere

Sure Footing – May 13 – Xbox One X Enhanced / Xbox Play Anywhere

A fast and frantic infinite runner about four friends saving their world from extinction. Play as one of our four heroes: Pixel Pete, Polly Polygon, Blip, and Plunk as they outrun Dave across the disk sectors of Computra: to warn their friends and find a way to stop Ramrafstar before their homeworld is destroyed.

Exodemon – May 14

Exodemon – May 14

In Exodemon you play as a scientist in the edge of the universe who was infected by an alien entity. The symbiotic force is trying to take control, but you may find a way to control the beast on the confederation laboratories. Resist the infection and blaze through various locations to reach the last escape pod before you lose what’s left of your humanity.

Karma. Incarnation 1 – May 14

Karma. Incarnation 1 – May 14

Our hero’s beloved has been abducted by evil spirits, and the only way to reunite them is to reincarnate himself as a dragon to defeat evil. But something has gone wrong, and his soul is reborn as a worm named Pip. Now Pip must overcome the challenges of a surreal world, solve mind bending puzzles, and save his love.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – May 14 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – May 14 - Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Experience an amazingly rich and detailed universe where your decisions have profound consequences on the action and the outcome. One person is all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat it’s ever faced. Relive the legend of Commander Shepard in the highly acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Includes single-player base content and over 40 DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, including promo weapons, armors, and packs remastered and optimized for 4K Ultra HD.

Subnautica: Below Zero – May 14 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Subnautica: Below Zero – May 14 - Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Dive into a freezing underwater adventure on an alien planet. Below Zero is set two years after the original Subnautica. Return to Planet 4546B to uncover the truth behind a deadly cover-up. Survive the harsh conditions by building habitats, crafting tools, and diving deeper into the world of Subnautica.

This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Thanks To Switch, Nintendo Has Now Sold Over Half A Billion Handheld Consoles

Switch© Nintendo Life

It’s fair to say that Nintendo has been the king of the handheld console market for quite some time – and some would even argue that the Japanese company created the sector, via its insanely successful Game Boy system, launched in 1989.

Nintendo hasn’t had the market all to itself during the past few decades – NEC, SNK, Atari, Sega, Bandai and Sony have all tried their hand at ending Nintendo’s portable dominance (with wildly varying degrees of success, it should be noted) – but it has emerged victorious each and every time, so much so that it now has the handheld sector all to itself (albeit in the form of the Switch, which is a hybrid system capable of both on-TV and portable play).

While Sony may have given up the fight and Microsoft seems uninterested in taking part in a portable war, Nintendo has stuck at it – and the incredible commercial success of the Switch means that the Kyoto firm has now sold in excess of 500 million handhelds since the launch of the Game Boy at the end of the ’80s.

Here’s the math:

Game Boy / Game Boy Pocket / Game Boy Color = 118.69 million

Game Boy Advance / Game Boy Micro = 81.51 million

Nintendo DS / DSi = 154.02 million

Nintendo 3DS / New 3DS = 75.94 million

Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite = 84.59 million

Total units sold = 514.75 million

While it’s no shock that Nintendo’s sales figures in this area are impressive, crossing the half a billion mark is truly staggering; by way of contrast, Nintendo’s total home console sales since the launch of the Famicom / NES stand at just over 365 million (even if you include the Switch), while Sony’s wildly successful PlayStation home console range has sold almost 461 million units since its launch in the mid-’90s.

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Celebrate National Space Day with a Closer Look at Curved Space


  • Celebrate National Space Day with a closer look at Curved Spacedownload its demo on the Xbox Store.
  • Maximum Games does a Q&A with developers Only By Midnight to talk about their inspiration for creating a space-themed game.
  • Curved Space explores galactic landscapes amidst an epic synthwave soundtrack.

Curved Space is a nod to classic twin-stick arcade shooters that amps up the blasting experience with an epic synthwave soundtrack by FiXT Neon that fuels your mission set in the farthest reaches of space. You’ll take on giant alien tripod spiders and humongous boss monsters across curved galactic landscapes while hunting for power-ups and upgrades, avoiding enemy onslaught, and annihilating interdimensional bugs. Simple to learn as you fight your way through the branching story-driven campaign, but tough to master as you chase high scores in survival mode.

We sat down with Andrew Czarnietzki and Jen Laface of Only By Midnight, the husband-and-wife developer team behind Curved Space, to talk about how space and the unique soundtrack have helped shape and guide the development of the game.

Maximum Games: What inspired you to set this reimagined take on classic arcade shooters amidst the furthest dimensions of space, and what were some of your inspirations for the landscapes?

Only By Midnight: We love space and science fiction! There is something iconic about seeing the limb of a planet, and we really wanted to capture that feeling.

Our first levels started turning into somewhat abstract space stations. While we liked where this was going, there was a problem: to withstand all the explosions and combat on their surface, the stations were feeling too dense and solid. Real life satellites and the I.S.S. (International Space Station) feel a lot more delicate.

Gerry [Ricard, contributing 3D artist] who was assisting with environment art, said, “It doesn’t feel like a space station; it feels like it’s made of concrete.” This immediately became canon; the stations are carved out of and or 3D-printed from asteroid concrete. This is also the inspiration for the level “Plug”, where we show an asteroid in the process of being carved up.

Curved Space

Maximum Games: Can you explain how you used the space theme to influence the campaign?

Only By Midnight: The Campaign is all about small islands of stability in the void of outer space—with the added complexity of some inter-dimensional shenanigans. This ties to our concept of a 2D game intersecting 3D space. I, (Andrew) personally, love that space is flexible and malleable, and we tried to play this up in both our game mechanics and story.

Maximum Games: Did setting the game in space influence the type of music you wanted?

Only By Midnight: Synthwave and Cyberpunk are synonymous with sci-fi. There is also a rich history of bold colors, particularly the yellow and magenta contrast, which we knew we’d have to show as either a black hole or an eclipse. Our “synthwave sky” is 100% inspired by the music!

Maximum Games: What made you want galactic spiders to be the enemies?

Only By Midnight: First, we both love the idea of cosmic horror—so, this unseen “spider dimension” is our nod to Lovecraft, Warhammer 40k, the film “Event Horizon,” etc.

Second, we wanted compelling enemies that were interesting to shoot. Spiders, especially alien tripods, are pretty neat to watch run around—they’re so alien that they skitter right over the uncanny valley. I don’t think I could pull off a convincing humanoid animation, but I can sure add personality to a bunch of crystalline tripod spiders.

Lastly, we really wanted something that would be scary and seem to warrant cracking out the giant space flamethrower. Hordes of spider-monsters fit the bill perfectly.

Curved Space

Maximum Games: Can you talk about the gravity-defying mechanics of going over asteroids, planets, and all the types of space matter fields?

Only By Midnight: Environment design was a really neat challenge for Curved Space. If levels are too concave, then you are always going uphill and can’t see much. If levels are too convex, then you are always cresting a hill…and can’t see much.  There really needs to be a balance of ups and downs to truly feel those awesome gravity-defying moments.

We started by experimenting with lots of crazy shapes to find ones that made sense from a gameplay perspective.  Then, we worked to figure out what these shapes meant in our universe of energy harvesting. We came up with a whole series of technologies that relate to pulling in interdimensional energy, processing it, and directing it through space and portals.  This technology led to some interesting secondary concepts—like a giant planetary defense railgun or a rogue comet.

Maximum Games: Any behind the scenes or funny stories in the development of the game related to the space theme?

Only By Midnight: One of my favorite and most alien levels is Horn. When experimenting with shapes, I tried an old dragon skull that I had in my library. It worked eerily well—the twisty horns were so much fun with the gravity-warping gameplay. If you look closely, the final level is very much a giant dragon skull split in half, but with the interior turned into a sci-fi dish and some big glowing canisters at the eye-socket.

On the gameplay side, we needed some sort of obstacle that could block players and change the landscape.  I experimented with a few options and settled on big spheres, which later became our dimensional Rifts.  I tried to make something portal/wormhole/blackhole like but with a sinister edge.  My friend Ian said, “That looks really cool and also a bit like an eye…”—I couldn’t resist making them blink.

Another interesting behind-the-scenes story is when I accidentally made the sky rotate smoothly towards the player.  It felt very, very wrong to have the stars do that… but there was something creepy and cool about how the planet would always slide into the center of the view.  Like a giant eye.  This is where our “eyeball” vortex in the endgame came from.

Curved Space

Maximum Games: Why is the ship a grasshopper shape?

Only By Midnight: Well, it started as a disc shape—basically an air-hockey puck with laser cannons.

I rather liked the classic ship (and you can still unlock it in the game), but it wasn’t quite as exciting as the rest of the art.  We did some tests to see if we could really push the concept for this “hovercraft + starfighter”, and we settled on the grasshopper concept with forward wings and big repulsion rings.  As soon as I got the model in-game and flying around, it practically begged for motion—so, I experimented with making the rings and wings react to your movements on the surface.  This gave it a great feel, almost like it was skating and pushing off the surface. We didn’t set out to make a “grasshopper,” but as soon as the ship was called that we leaned into it.

Maximum Games: What is your best space pun or joke?

Only By Midnight: I have to go with some “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams:

“What do you mean you’ve never been to Alpha Centauri? Oh, for heaven’s sake, mankind, it’s only four light years away, you know. I’m sorry, but if you can’t be bothered to take an interest in local affairs, that’s your own lookout. Energize the demolition beams.”

If you are ready to explore the weirdest reaches of space, you can play a demo of Curved Space on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Curved Space releases on June 18.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live

Curved Space Demo

Maximum Games

☆☆☆☆☆ 9
Inspired by arcade classics, players will have to hunt for weapon power-ups and upgrades while dodging enemy fire, blasting interdimensional bugs, and wrangling some enormous boss monsters. Simple to learn as you fight your way through the branching story-driven campaign, but tough to master as you chase the glory of the leaderboards. Key Features Old School Shmup Reimagined: Enjoy the high-energy action of traditional 2D shoot ‘em ups in a warped 3D space. Climb walls, flip over to the other side of your environment, and experience breathtaking vistas. Play Your Style & Top the Leaderboards: Experience your space pilot’s harrowing journey in Campaign, take on new challenges, test your skills, and chase your place on the leaderboards in Daily Runs, Arena, Survival and Endless game modes. Ride the Synthwave: Get in the zone with a high-energy synthwave soundtrack in partnership with FiXT Neon, featuring artists like Scandroid, 3Force, and Fury Weekend. Upgrade & Take Them Down: Collect a plethora of ability and weapon upgrades. Weapons are varied (from lasers to flamethrowers to weed wackers!) and equipped with their own overdrive states! Modes Campaign: Take on the role of an energy harvester in the midst of a galactic spider invasion. Your choices will lead you to take on one of three potential versions of the game’s protagonist to fight back the invasion on asteroids, space stations, and other intergalactic stages. Each unique version takes the story in a different direction. Arena: Take on over 60 randomized challenges from the game’s campaign for a chance to get your name on the local leaderboard. Survival: Fight through waves of invaders with each wave presenting a new, more difficult challenge. Endless: Tackle waves of randomized challenges from the campaign as well as additional objectives as you adapt to what the game decides to throw your way. Daily Run: You get one shot each day to complete this daily run and achieve the highest score possible. Failed to make the leaderboard today? There’s always a new challenge tomorrow.

Author: Luke Croft, Social Media Manager, Maximum Games
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Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series Will Arrive This Summer

Pokemon Masters Tv Show© The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon animated series has been around a long time, and appropriately the broader IP is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The Pokemon Company has now confirmed the next season that will start to air in the Summer, though some unspecified territories may have to wait until later in the year.

It’s Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series, and you can see a synopsis and some promotional images below.

It’s a big, big world, but you know where to find Ash and Goh—battling and catching Pokémon from Kanto to Galar! With Pikachu, Cinderace, and their other Pokémon beside them, our heroes continue to travel all over the world to research Pokémon for Cerise Laboratory. Along the way, Ash climbs higher in the World Coronation Series rankings, and Goh adds more Pokémon to his Pokédex in his quest to catch Mew. Meanwhile, Chloe takes her first steps as a Pokémon Trainer when she meets a mysterious Eevee. New friends, returning rivals, and exciting adventures await—as the journey continues!

Pokemon Master Journeys 01© The Pokémon Company
Pokemon Master Journeys 02© The Pokémon Company
Pokemon Master Journeys 04© The Pokémon Company

Are you looking forward to this latest animated series?

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