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Piers Morgan opens up about reuniting for the FIRST time with Kate Garraway since GMB’s exit

Piers and Alex Beresford, an ITV weather reporter, clashed back in March after Meghan Markle’s remarks in an interview with Oprah. This led to him running off the set.

According to the Duchess, her mental state had been affected by being a part of the royal family. The GMB host denied this claim and said that he didn’t believe her.

ITV issued a statement hours later confirming that the presenter had resigned from the show, after having presented it for six years with Susanna Reid.

Piers’ remarks led to Ofcom receiving a record 58,000 complaints. The regulator dismissed the complaint, ruling that Piers, the ex-newspaper editor, did not violate their code of conduct by his comments regarding the Suits actress.

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After her neighbours made fun of her online, Laura Hamilton from A Place in the Sun ‘lost it’.

Link” href=”” target=”_blank”>Laura Hamilton, 39, opened up on her first experience suffering a panic attack, after she found out her neighbours had been saying nasty things about her online. Link” href=”” target=”_blank”> Place in the Sun presenter recognised that being in the public eye comes with criticism no matter what, but when she saw the “awful” things written about her and her family by people in her neighbourhood, she didn’t know how to deal with it.

Link” href=”” target=”_parent”>coronavirus after she lost her voice and was unable to breathe.

After finding conversation on an app, she stated, “I could not believe how much stuff was being said about myself, my family and my children.”

I was like “Hang on! These are people in my neighborhood that are talking to me and saying these things.”

Laura recalls being run off her feet by the pandemic.

Link” data-name=”Laura Hamilton emotional as guest’s sister dies from disorder she has” href=”” target=”_blank”>Laura Hamilton emotional as guest’s sister dies from disorder she has

Alex asked me what was wrong, and I couldn’t answer.

She said that she felt uncomfortable and went up to the top of her bed. “I didn’t feel right,” she explained, even though she tried other relaxation techniques.

He said to me, “I believe you should call an ambulance. I don’t understand what’s happening.”

However, the paramedic discovered exactly what had gone wrong when he checked Laura.

The TV star, who was shocked when asked if she had ever suffered from panic attacks, replied, “No. You are talking about? “What are you talking about?” She recalled.

“I was ashamed of what they did to me!”

Laura was left wondering what she did to let paramedics like this get to her.

She admitted that she felt stupid for doing so.

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Nintendo claims that there is no plan to lower the price of Switch in America

Last week there was talk of a Nintendo price cut on the Nintendo Switch. The rumors were confirmed by Nintendo who announced that the Switch would be priced lower in Europe. Although it was obvious, there are now questions regarding the North American price.

That has now been resolved. It all depends where you live in North America. Canada received a price decrease, however, according to Stephen Totilo (co-author of Axios Gaming newsletter), Nintendo did not tell him that there was any plans to drop the price in America. Below is Totilo’s tweet.

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Version 13.0.0 of the Nintendo Switch firmware was released

The Nintendo Switch has not received a firmware upgrade in a few months, while the last major update for this console was 5 months ago. The summer update was mostly small, with bug fixes and improvements to stability.

Tonight, this pattern is changing. Nintendo released an updated firmware for the Nintendo Switch. After you have updated, your console will be running version 13.0.0. This update is huge. It adds Bluetooth audio support, and allows you to toggle a few options regarding the Switch’s internet connectivity. Below are the patch notes.

Bluetooth(r), audio support was also added.

  • For audio output, Bluetooth-connected headphones, earbuds and speakers can be paired with the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

    • Bluetooth microphones cannot be used.
    • Bluetooth audio can connect up to 2 compatible wireless controllers to the system.
    • While Bluetooth audio is not active, it cannot be used.
    • There may be some delay depending on which Bluetooth device you are using.
    • For further information, please see How To Pair and Manage Bluetooth Audio Devices.

The “Update Dock” option was enabled under System in System Settings Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch-OLED Model system. This allows for software upgrades to Nintendo Switch docks that have a LAN port.

  • Without a LAN port, dock software updates will not be available.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite did not include this feature.
  • For additional information, please see How To Update The Dock Firmware.

The option to maintain an internet connection in sleep mode was enabled under System Settings.

  • This setting allows systems that have wired internet connections to maintain their internet connection while they are in sleep mode. It allows software and other add-ons to be downloaded to the system even when it is asleep mode.

    • This setting is automatically enabled.
  • This setting disables the ability to connect to the Internet periodically. It reduces energy consumption, delays downloading, and decreases power consumption.

Not all systems that have not been updated to 13.0.0 and later will behave as though this setting was enabled.

System Settings has changed the method of initiating “Calibrate Control Sticks”.

  • To calibrate the system, open System Settings and go to Sensors and Controllers. Next, tilt the control stick horizontally in one direction. Keep it tilted until you are satisfied with its position.

After selecting Internet in System Setting, users can see if their internet connection uses the 5GHz or 2.4GHz frequency bands under “Connection Status”.


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Activision Blizzard is accused of union busting and worker intimidation in a new lawsuit

Employees have brought a new suit against Activision Blizzard, claiming that the company used “coercive techniques” to stop organisational efforts to improve work conditions. This is continuing legal action from the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. The lawsuit alleges sexual harassment, discrimination and a “fratboy” culture at Blizzard.

After the first Activision Blizzard filing, more than 2000 employees signed a petition calling the initial response of the company to the lawsuit “abhorrent” and “insulting”. The subsequent strike action saw over 500 workers leave and hundreds more take part virtually all around the globe in an attempt to improve work conditions.

The new lawsuit was filed by the ABetterABK worker group in association with the Communications Workers of America to the National Labor Review Board. It alleges Activision Blizzard “engaged and is engaged in unfair labor practices” within the past six months in violation of the National Labor Relations Act.

The CWA released a press statement announcing that the legal action was being taken. “Activision Blizzard management uses coercive techniques to try to stop its employees exercising their right to stand together, demand a more equitable and sustainable workplace. Federal labor law protects workers’ rights to organize and seek a safe work environment.

Activision Blizzard “threatened” employees by telling them they couldn’t talk or communicate about their wages, hours or working conditions. It also stated that it has “maintained a broad social media policy and has enforced this policy against employees who engage in protected concerted activities” (i.e. Worker activity that is protected by federal law, has “treated and disciplined employees for protected concerted activities”, engaged in surveillance of employees involved in protected concerted action, and interrogated employees about protected concerted behavior.

This “protected concerted action” included petitioning Activision Blizzard for better working conditions. ABetterABK has continued to make four demands. These include an end to the use of forced arbitration in employment contracts, inclusive recruitment and hiring practices and increased transparency in pay through compensation metrics. ABK also wants an independent audit to review ABK’s policies and practices.

Activision Blizzard met this demand by requesting a third party audit of ABK policies and practices. An important criticism of Activision Blizzard’s choice for WilmerHale has been that it chose WilmerHale as a company because of its reputation for union-busting.

Activision Blizzard is not the only one to be accused of having acted in bad faith when responding to initial claims made by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Recently the DFEH updated their lawsuit. It claimed Activision Blizzard’s HR department had destroyed documents related to internal investigations and staff complaints – an allegation that Call of Duty’s publisher called “not true”.

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According to reports, Call of Duty 2022 will be a sequel to the Modern Warfare Sequel about the Drug War

Activision Blizzard faces ongoing accusations of harassment and maltreatment of marginalized employees. You can find more information at our timeline and in our detailed report.

According to reports, next year’s Call of Duty will be the sequel to 2019’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Tom Henderson , an industry insider, tweeted Call of Duty 2022 (codenamed Project Cortez) is expected to follow 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot.

VGC reports also that Modern Warfare 2 will be out next year. It will feature a campaign in which U.S. Special Forces fight Colombian drug cartels. Project Cortez featured in this week’s GeoForce Now datamine. Infinity Ward was slated as the developer.

IGN’s Modern Warfare 2019, review praised the game as “great”. We said that Modern Warfare’s new Realism mode, large-scale Ground War and fast and dirty Gunfight all make it a fun experience. The series should follow up on the 2019 update since Modern Warfare set multiple sales records when it was released.

S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 4. Check out our Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer impressions. You can also read how Call of Duty banished 100,000 accounts within a single day.

Logan Plant works as a freelance writer at IGN. Follow Logan Plant on Twitter at @LoganJPlant

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Norm MacDonald has died at 61, after a long battle with cancer

Norm Macdonald passed away Tuesday morning according to his friend Lori Jo Hoekstra. After a nine year battle with cancer, the comedian of Canadian descent died.

Hoekstra stated that Hoekstra was determined not to reveal the details of his battle with cancer to family members, friends, and supporters.

Lori said that he was proudest of his comedy.

He never wanted his diagnosis to change the perception of him by the people around him or the loved ones.

Lori said, “Norm was a true comic.” His once stated that “a joke should take someone by surprise and it shouldn’t pander.”

Link” href=”” target=”_blank”>Kate Garraway stuns in sheer dress after announcing new role

“Tonight I am going to watch and listen to Norm Macdonald. He was one of the most funny men to ever live. He is a true innovator. Rick Mercer said, “RIP.”

MacDonald is also well-known for Weekend Update, which features MacDonald ridiculing high-profile celebrities.

After a drop in viewership, Don Ohlmeyer removed him as Weekend Update’s anchor. He was then replaced by Colin Quinn.

He did however continue to be on SNL for regular sketches, but he left later in the year.

MacDonald returned briefly to the show on 1999, where he vented his anger at having been let go.

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Ren & Stimpy are now confirmed to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

With a variety of iconic characters, the all-star cast to the Nickelodeon All-Star brawl seems to be moving along nicely. Ren and Stimpy, 90’s comedy characters are the latest additions to the brawler. Official Twitter accounts confirmed the inclusion of Ren & Stimpy this afternoon. They also shared a brief introduction video and some screenshots. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl will be available on Nintendo Switch starting October 5th.

A short trailer

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“F*** off!” Jeremy Clarkson fumes while a’selfish person’ circles around the family home

Link” href=”” target=”_blank”>Jeremy Clarkson, 61, is no stranger to making his opinions known when it comes to things that annoy him. He raged at the plane that flew over his farm, and now the broadcaster is speaking out.

Jeremy lives in Oxfordshire where he manages the Diddly Squat Farm.

The Grand Tour presenteder, who also helmed his television program earlier in the year, made this location very popular.

Clarkson’s Farm was a name Jeremy used to use when he had to manage a farm.

The star appears to have another issue, as he explained to his 7.5million followers.

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Clarkson’s Farm’s star is often annoyed by planes that fly over his land.

He regularly uploads photos of people flying above the airspace over his house to his Instagram.

He shared his two “w *****”” and one “c*** ending” in July.

Current UK aviation regulations allow aircraft to fly over 1000 ft within a constructed area, or 500 ft away from structures, people, vessels, and vehicles.

You can also file complaints about unsafe or dangerous drone flying.

Jeremy also met with the locals to discuss his plans for the farm.

He told ITV News that he was about to enter the meeting at the local gathering last week.

Jeremy said, “Someone gave me the finger on my way in.”

Farmers Weekly was informed by a local that the meeting had been extremely positive after it concluded.

An attendee who did not want to be identified said that Clarkson had explained to him that he would no longer take over the abandoned lambing shed, and that he wanted it to turn into a restaurant or cafe.

Rural folk are not fond of change but his promise to assist the village in its functions was very well received.

He did an admirable job by trying to organize the meeting. However, he should have started it earlier.

He was subject to criticism from some, but Jeremy Clarkson creates employment. “He’s doing great things.”

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UK: Order Pokemon Legends Arceus at My Nintendo Store to get a SteelBook or Arceus figurine

Nintendo UK announced today that you will be eligible for a Pokemon Legends Arceus steelbook and a Arceus Pokemon figure if you pre-order Pokemon Legends at the My Nintendo Store. Pokemon Legends Arceus will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Nintendo Switch at PS49.99.

Pre-orders on My Nintendo Store are eligible for a complimentary SteelBook(r), and Arceus figurine. The number of free gift items is limited, and they are subject to availability. Already pre-ordered? You will receive free products when you order!

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