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Gary Lineker 'F*****g astonishing' Match of the Day host in huge social media outburst

It comes after Gary tweeted to his 7.6 million followers: “Twitter is something else.

“Even trying to garner a little support for people whose livelihoods are in great jeopardy can result in getting abuse,” he declared.

“The lack of empathy, of some people on here, is actually quite f****g astonishing.”

Soon after, many rushed to the comments section to express their thoughts to the former England captain. 

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He wrote: “Done. Save Our Theatre,” while sharing a tweet which read: “I’ve just emailed my MP asking them to call on the government to Save Theatre in the UK. Join me.”

However, despite his efforts, one Twitter user replied: “Not many working class step foot in theatres plenty more worthy causes.”

The TV host then shared their response and hit back by writing: “Here we go. Someone doesn’t like theatre and resorts to whataboutery.

“Plenty of working-class people go to the theatre.”

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