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George Galloway unleashes scathing attack on Labour leadership contender David Lammy

David Lammy hinted he could run against Emily Thornberry in the race for the Labour Party leadership following their crushing December general election defeat. RT’s George Galloway was assessing the prospects of all the contenders as potential Labour Party leaders when he unleashed a furious two minute rant on why Mr Lammy would be the worst choice out of all the contenders to lead the party.

Mr Galloway said regarding the Labour leadership race: “It has begun farcically, let me go through the runners and riders.

“I could start at the sublime if there was anyone sublime but I will start at the ridiculous.

“David Lammy has just announced that he is going to be the first BAME candidate to be leader of the Labour Party.

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“Except he isn’t Diane Abbott ran for the leadership of the Labour Party against Ed Miliband and the last time I looked she was from the BAME communities.

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David Lammy has hinted he will run in the Labour leadership race (Image: Getty)

Mr Galloway blasted Mr Lammy as a ‘repetitive warmonger’ (Image: RT)

“Moreover David Lammy is one of those who did the most to absolutely destroy Labour’s position in the midlands and in the north and if Labour picks him it is goodnight.

“David Lammy is running on the platform of care for refugees but David Lammy’s votes in Parliament have caused more refugees than almost any other member of Parliament.”

Mr Galloway continued: “He is a serial offender, he is a repetitive warmonger.

“He has voted for every war!

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The previous general election results this decade (Image: Express)

“And voted against any enquires into the wars he voted for!

“Which caused the massive flow of refugees over which he now cries his crocodile tears.

“David Lammy says he represents people of colour but David Lammys votes in Parliament caused the deaths of more people of colour in the wars he voted and championed and still votes and champions today.

“He is also a signed supporter of an apartheid state.”

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Emily Thornberry campaigned strongly to remain in the EU (Image: Getty)

In the same interview Mr Galloway was heavily critical of Emily Thornberry, another Labour leadership contender.

Mr Galloway said: “Emily Thornberry, you know that mad woman that turned up at the Labour Party conference in a blue dress with gold stars around her neck aping the European flag.

“The woman who took a picture of an England flag in a by-election a couple of years ago and had to resign from the Labour frontbencher.

“So sneeringly condescending was her comment and implication inference about the England flag.

“She thinks an England flag is something to be ashamed of and a European Union flag is something to wear around your neck and torso.”


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