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Germany chaos: Huge riots erupt on streets of Berlin as police and angry protesters clash

The violence sparked arrests as clashes broke out at the east Berlin rally last night. The demonstration was a protest against the European Police Congress, which will meet in Berlin next week, according to the German website focus.de. The group is an anti-fascist movement who oppose the rise of neo-Nazi sentiment in Germany.

A video of the clashes was uploaded on Russian state broadcaster RT’s YouTube page.

The footage shows protestors light flares and wave banners before the demonstrations turned violent as skirmishes broke out. 

Police can be seen brawling with and kettling protestors before escorting some of them away.

Taking to the comments section of the clip, users posted their thoughts.

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Germany chaos as protests erupt on streets of Berlin (Image: RT)

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Berlin riots result in arrests as anti-facist protestors clash with police (Image: RT)

One said: “France will fall next, the real people of France are gonna take their country back.”

Someone else wrote: “Poor little violent babies. They can dish it out, but can’t take it.”

Another viewer said: “Why we keep fighting amongst ourselves, other countries are growing stronger and waiting.”

The Antifa movement in Germany is composed of multiple far-left, autonomous, militant anti-fascist groups and individuals, who usually use the abbreviation Antifa.

It takes its name from the historical Antifaschistische Aktion.

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Furious clashes erupt on the streets of Berlin (Image: RT)

The riots come a week after Germany and France descended into disarray amid fury at restrictive EU regulations on the environment and agriculture – prompting farmers to blockade main roads with tractors in both EU member-states.

The Berlin mayor, Michael Müller, recognized that it was a “burden for Berlin,” but “the farmers have their point of view”.

He added that locals would “have to tolerate” the upheaval.

The rallies coincided with Berlin’s Green Week, a food and agricultural fair which starts on Friday, which has often attracted huge waves of protests in recent years.


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EU nations worst hit by hard Brexit (Image: EXPRESS)

Farmers across Europe are increasingly alarmed about the future of the agricultural and environmental policy, following the EU’s £852bn Green New Deal policy.

German protesters said they were fed up with new animal welfare and restrictions on the use of pesticides to protect insects, among other things.

The farmer’s collective Land schafft Verbindung (LSV), or Land Creates Connection, has led the movement against the tightening regulations.

Placards accompanying the tractors read: “Don’t forget that farmers feed you,” “No farm, no food, no future” and “We are fed up!”

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