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Girl pretends she's possessed to get out of exam – has terrifying 'exorcism'

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A woman has claimed she had a demonic exorcism at school after she pretended to be possessed in the hope she would be sent home.

The sensational claims were made by TikTok user Khadija who went to a school in Somalia.

In the clip, which has a filter making Khadija’s eyes look large and black, she says she got the idea from some other schoolgirls who tried the trick and got away with it.

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In the caption, she explains: “One time the girls in the grade above me pretended to be possessed by jinns and got sent home.”

Khadija confessed she had a “bunch of homework due the next day” as well as a tough exam she hadn’t done any preparation for.

TikTok user Khadija says she once tried to pretend a demon had possessed her

In what at the time she thought was a stroke of brilliance, the schoolgirl decided to try to and act possessed and see if she would be able to go home and have a nap.

Right before the test, she decided to act out and, although she was “super nervous”, she was confident her performing ability was up to scratch.

Banging her desk, Khadija said she started speaking “gibberish” and denying that God existed and claiming that Satan was her father.

The performance is so realistic, she claims, that one of her friends starts screaming.

Pretending to be under attack by a demon didn't go as planned
Pretending to be under attack by a demon didn’t go as planned

In part two of her video, Khadija reveals that instead of going home she is dragged to a payer area and sees “three grown-ass man coming with cane sticks”.

According to Khadija, the men then talk to her like she is a demon and ask: “Why did you possess this innocent girl?”

Unfortunately, she is then subjected to a frankly terrifying-sounding exorcism which she claims included being beaten with sticks.

When she pleads it’s really her and not a demon they tell her: “That’s exactly what a demon would say.”

They only believed her when she collapsed into tears and started reading the Quran with them.

At this point, Khadija says her teacher burst out laughing and made her go to class and sit the test.

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Unfortunately, she only got 41% in the exam and was sent to the principal’s office.

The video was watched more than 400,000 times and people said they were in stitches laughing at both her audacity as a kid and how it spectacularly backfired.

“I peed myself a little bit out of laughing,” wrote one fan.

“Oh my gosh the way I died joking on my laughter,” commented another viewer.


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