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GMB interview erupts into chaos when sound blunder 'ruins' show for viewers

Good Morning Britain ‘s hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard were joined by Barbados Prime Minister on the show this morning.

Mia Mottley, who is the current PM of Barbados and leader of the countries Labour Party, appeared on the show via video link to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and on slavery.

But sadly many viewers said they couldn’t hear Mottley properly and refused to watch her segment because of the noise in her background.

Following a lengthy but insightful chat on the BLM movement following the death of George Floyd, host Ben decided to bring up the noise in the background as many viewers had tweeted about it.

Ben said to Mottley: “I can hear crickets in the background and it reminds me of when I’m in Barbados,” as he smiled at the thought.”

Mottley, who is the is the eighth person to hold the position of Prime Minister in Barbados and first woman to hold it, responded: “Ha, they are very loud.”

Viewers rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts, with many saying they had to mute their TVs at that time in the morning.

One tweeted: “That awful squeaky noise in the background where the prime minister of Barbados is speaking from has made me have to mute my tv. Not good.”

A second said: “What in the world is that noise?? #GMB”

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“A sound you adored Ben?! It’s driving me nuts! #GMB ” tweeted a third.

“On the Barbadian item, I thought the noise from the crickets was my Husbands hearing aids,” said another viewer.

Following the interview, Ben thanked the PM for coming on the show and took a second to make a dig at the UK’s Prime Minister.

Ben said: “Thank you for coming on the show today. It’s good to have a PM come on. Our Prime Minister won’t.”

Barbados has been an independent country since 30 November 1966.

It functions as a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy modelled on the British Westminster system.

The Queen of Barbados, Elizabeth II, is head of state and is represented locally by the Governor-General of Barbados—presently Sandra Mason.

Good Morning Britain continues tomorrow at 6am.

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