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STANDING at 182 centimetres tall, Mohammad Ezaidi Abdul Aziz is a local model and entrepreneur. Despite having a degree in Hotel Management, the 25-year-old decided to pursue modelling instead. Rather than only relying on his modelling gigs, Ezaidi decided to start his own clothing brand as a creative outlet and to earn a side income.

Instead of planning too much ahead of time, Ezaidi prefers to go with the flow and focus on what is currently on his plate.

How did you stumble upon a career in modelling, and how has it been?

“It was when I joined the Supermodel Search competition in 2014, while I was in the middle of completing my diploma in college. Currently, I do modelling jobs for fashion brands and also appear in commercials.”

Besides modelling, can you share with us about being an entrepreneur?

“Actually, I have my own clothing brand called Dumort, which launched at the end of last year. It is an online-based store and I do the designs. Initially, I wanted to do street wear, but that idea had to be put on hold for some reason, so I decided to sell Malay traditional clothing for males such as baju Melayu.

“I enjoy being an entrepreneur because I learn how to make revenue from my products, to handle customers, and to meet their demands. As for the idea of streetwear, I think I’ll execute that plan next year.”

Which career path would you have taken if you did not pursue modelling?

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“I tried acting once but it didn’t work out well for me. I’m quite shy … oh no, I mean very shy actually! There is a lot of pressure when it comes to acting, unlike modelling. You have to memorise the script and be able to act out certain expressions or emotions, which is not really for me. But as for commercials, I have to do very little acting and there is no script, so that is why it suits me more.

“I could have been a flight attendant as I would be able to earn a stable and good income, even though my degree is in Hotel Management. The course I took was actually a third choice, because I enrolled in a public university and I was only offered that course. My first choice would have been a course in Office Management & Technology.”

What is the challenge of being in the modelling industry?

“In my opinion, the main challenge is the need to be in good shape all the time. A clean and healthy diet and consistent workout is key. Even now during the MCO (movement control order), I work out at home since I am not able to go to the gym. Besides that, I have to sacrifice my nasi lemak and other favourite food sometimes in order to be fit enough for my modelling gigs!”

Can you tell us more about your involvement in football based on the pictures in your Instagram profile?

“Football has always been my hobby up until today. I was involved in football competitions when I was in school. At the age of 12, I represented Selangor in a football match. Then, at the age of 15, I represented Kuala Lumpur in another match.

“Being involved in physical activities that keep me healthy and fit has never been a problem for me.”

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