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Google Chrome could finally get the fix it so desperately needs

With a 69 percent share of the market there’s no question that Google Chrome continues to be well ahead of the pack. However, despite that huge lead it has over its rivals, this browser continues to suffer from a major problem that desperately needs fixing.

Chrome is well known to be a terrible battery hog with this issue especially prevalent for those using Apple’s MacBook laptops.

If you’ve ever used Chrome on a MacBook you’ll be fully aware of the irritation of the battery life disappearing before your very eyes as you surf the web.

Fans of this software had already been made of aware of an update which looks to resolve this issue.

The experimental feature is thought to be planned in the next major update to Google Chrome and will purportedly reduce the amount of energy by shutting down JavaScript timers and trackers when a tab is in the background.

Now there’s more evidence that Google is actively trying to fix this hugely irritating issue.

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Google Chrome update could help it perform better (Image: GOOGLE )

In a recent report about Chrome and how it struggles against its rivals, published by the Wall Street Journal, Google confirmed it is working hard to make its browser less power hungry.

“I view performance on Chrome as a journey not a destination,” said director of Chrome browser engineering Max Christoff.

“This is an ongoing investment in improvements to speed, performance, and battery life.”

When pressed about the difference in performance between Chrome, Edge and Safari Christoff confirmed that there were three updates coming to the browser in the next few months which will be aimed at fixing the power management issues.

In fact, he went as far to say that they will have a “dramatic impact on battery and performance.”

One of the reasons that Google might be taking this problem more seriously is that Mircosoft’s new Chrome-based browser continues to grow in popularity and Apple’s Safari is getting a major overhaul later this year.

According to the latest statistics gathered by NetMarketShare, the Microsoft-designed Edge app has surged to almost 7.6 percent of the market in March.

That has allowed the software to eclipse a declining Mozilla Firefox, which stands at roughly 7.2 percent.

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Safari will be updated when Apple releases its macOS Big Sur operating system with the firm boasting that this is the biggest update to Safari since its original launch in 2003. With macOS Big Sur installed, Safari users will get a number of updates including entirely redesigned Tabs which are aimed at making navigating around the web faster and more powerful by showing more tabs onscreen. There’s even the option to see a quick preview of a page by simply hovering over the tab.

With Edge and Safari being far more power efficient and getting big new features it could lead to Google losing its dominant position in the market.

There’s certainly an exciting few months for the world of web browsers.

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