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Google Chrome update could boost laptop battery life by up to two hours

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the planet. However, it’s far from flawless. The desktop software has a reputation as a bit of a battery hog. MacBook and Windows laptops can quickly burn through battery when using Google Chrome with multiple tabs, streaming video, and more.

Google is clearly well aware of this negative reputation. And it wants to fix it.

An experimental feature in the next major update to Google Chrome looks set to resolve this problem. Chrome version 86 will purportedly reduce the amount of energy by shutting down JavaScript timers and trackers when a tab is in the background. Websites will periodically check your scrolling position and a truckload of other metrics to improve your experience. But when added together, these processes can sap away your battery life. Especially if you have multiple tabs open.

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According to TheWindowsClub, Google has managed to eke an extra two hours of battery life when running the new version of Chrome. In the test, Chrome had 36 tabs open in the background and one blank website in the foreground.

It’s quite a niche use-case. However, as millions work from home – having 30 or so tabs open at the same time isn’t massively far-fetched. If you’re not one to keep a vast array of websites open in tabs in the background, you might not see quite the same mammoth improvement.

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In another test, Google managed to gain an extra 36 minutes of runtime when streaming a YouTube video in the upgraded browser.

Don’t get too excited quite yet. The improved Chrome is still being beta tested inside the company. As always, there’s a chance the new code isn’t ready on time, or has to be ditched due to incompatibility issues or strained resources.

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