Google Earth user finds ‘copper-plated UFO’ hovering over graveyard

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Bizarre footage using Google Earth has emerged of an unidentified flying object hovering above a cemetery in Mexico.

Scott C Waring, known for his outlandish claims on his YouTube channel ET Data Base, and said it’s not like anything he had seen before.

As he zooms in on the address in the video, a cemetery in the city of San Luis Potosi, central Mexico can be seen.

Once moving the cursor up a copper-coloured object can be seen in the sky right above the cemetery.

Scott claims in the video: “When I back up, the UFO disappears. There are no birds, no known planes, no helicopters, there’s nothing else around here.

Google Earth user finds ‘copper-plated UFO’ hovering over graveyard
Scott C Waring discovered an odd-looking UFO hovering above a Mexican cemetery
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“There’s nothing that can explain what that thing was.”

“That doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before,” he continues. “It looks like some copper-plated, or copper-coloured UFO.”

The conspiracy theorist suggests the common shape of a UFO would be in a disc form or a long rod-like projectile but this flying object reminded him something of a rocket.

Scott also attempted to dismiss the possibilities of the video being altered.

He claimed the UFO was "copper-plated" and shaped like a rocket
He claimed the UFO was “copper-plated” and shaped like a rocket
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“This is taken by Google Earth, it’s not like you can edit it and you can tell it’s not a reflection,” he explains.

There could be a whole host of plausible explanations thought that explains the shape. It may simply be a lone bird in the sky or a glitch on Google Earth that often occurs between photos.

And fans were understandably split on what the object was. One said it was a balloon while another agreed and elaborated, saying: “It’s an advertisement balloon.”

Google Earth mysteries

A third believed the look of the UFO was similar to that of a hobby drone.

It comes after the conspiracist shared a clip of a white flashing object that he bizarrely hailed as an “alien ship” flying near NORAD military base in Colorado, the US.

The spherical-looking object hovered above the tree-line at a distance before disappearing behind the foliage of a tree.

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