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Google Maps: Mysterious appearance in graveyard spooks users – is there an explanation?

Google Maps emerged on the internet 15 years ago and while initially developed to help users map their way across the globe, it is increasingly being used to spot mysterious happenings worldwide. A user was recently taken aback when they noticed something spooky happening in a graveyard in North Carolina, US.

After spotting the mysterious moment, the user shared it on Reddit, garnering the attention of other users who were equally as surprised.

Graveyards are infamously linked to supernatural occurrences and the afterlife, which is why this sighting may have sent a chill down the spines of viewers.

The graveyard is set in the Alligator River National Wildlife refuge, surrounded by thick foliage.

Various sized gravestones and remembrance plaques are scattered around the small

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Google Maps StreetView: A spooky sighting in North Carolina (Image: Google Maps)

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Google maps: A woman appears to be hiding behind a gravestone (Image: Getty Images)

While golden leaves are interspersed amongst the grass, a suggestion the image was captured in the autumn months.

However, there is something eery hiding within the cemetery.

As the user was clicking their way around the digital 3D world, they were shocked when they noticed a face peering at them over the top of one of the large grey headstones.

Indeed, a woman appears to be sneaking a peek over the top of the gravestone, seemingly trying to hide most of her body from the camera.

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The white-haired woman is wearing a pair of glasses and a pink, striped t-shirt.

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However, that’s only the beginning of the spooky situation.

When the camera turns to the left, the same woman can be seen again, only this time she is popping out from behind a thin tree nestled in the corner of the graveyard.

The woman’s full body can be seen this time, dressed in a pair of grey shorts and white trainers.

Google Maps: The woman is spotted again hiding behind a tree (Image: Getty Images)

When the camera rotates another 180 degrees, there is the lady again – this time nonchalantly leaning up against the grey, chainlink fence.

Is this three, identical ghosts making an appearance from the afterlife?

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Or perhaps it is three identical triplets having a little bit of fun with the Google camera.

The Reddit user who came across the image explained: “In the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, surrounded by miles of empty forest, this picture was taken.

“I was researching a trip, got off track and ended up having a woman staring at me from 3 separate spots at a very secluded graveyard in North Carolina.”

While imagining up spooky scenarios is a lot of fun, it seems there is a more logical explanation for how one woman appeared in three different spots.

Google allows users to upload their own 3D images to be used on the Map app, so long as they have one of the special 3D cameras and are able to meet Google’s criteria.

It is likely this woman was associated with whoever was capturing the image and decided to have some fun.

Google Maps works by taking multiple images of a location and then stitching them together to create a virtual reality.

The prankster probably hopped from location to location before the mages were snapped, creating a bizarre result in post-production.

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