Home Travel Google Maps: Mysterious plane found in a forest - what happened?

Google Maps: Mysterious plane found in a forest – what happened?

Google Maps: A mysterious plane was spotted in the middle of a forest in Oregon, Portland (Image: Google Maps)

An image from Google Maps captured by Instagram account @GoogleEarthFinding, shows a mysterious plane located in the middle of a forest, surrounded by nothing but trees.

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The unlikely sighting shocked many on social media, begging for answers on why this intact Boeing 727 is in the middle of the woods.

It turns out that this plane is located just outside Portland, Oregon and has been transformed into a living space owned by electrical engineer Bruce Campbell.

Mr Campbell purchased the plane in 1999 and lives there for six months out of the year, while spending the rest of his time in Japan.

The retired aircraft is equipped with electricity, water and 1,066 square-feet of interior space.

Mr Campbell purchased the aeroplane for $ 100,000 (approximately £79,564.60), and holds interior tours for those who make the pilgrimage to the aircraft home.

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Google maps: The owner often gives tours to visitors (Image: Google Maps)

Some have even left reviews on Google Maps, sharing their experience of the airplane home.

“Been to the airplane home many times, always a great experience,” said one user.

“Bruce always welcomes everyone inside, takes time out of his day and just hangs out with the groups. Thank you Bruce! If any of you haven’t been to the airplane home, I highly recommend going at least once in your life! Never seen anything like it.”

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Another user described the home as a “true landmark of Oregon”.

“You park at the road and walk up the driveway and the plane is right there,” they penned.

“It’s huge and looks crazy in the woods! If your lucky, the owner is home and will show you around! I’m pretty sure reservations are recommended.”(sic)

In an interview with Oregon Live, Mr Campbell said he believes retired planes can be used as affordable housing.

Google Maps: Boeing 727’s stand at 34 feet and 11 inches tall (Image: Google Maps)

“Why should we throw away this high level of technology?” he said.

“Jetliners are basically flying homes. it’s a sealed pressure canister, it’s incredibly strong and will last practically forever.”

According to the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) there will be 500 to 600 aircraft retired annually over the next two decades, and manufacturers and operators are working towards the development of the 100 percent recyclable aeroplane.

“The aviation sector is undergoing a challenging and ambitious paradigm shift towards sustainable practices and operations, and one area where progress is being made is at the end of an aircraft’s life,” AFRA’s website reads.

“Today, a commercial aircraft has an average retirement age of around 25 years, after which an arduous and highly technical dismantling and recycling process follows – all part of a lucrative market valued at over at $ 80m per year.”

Boeing 727’s stand at 34 feet and 11 inches tall, boast a wingspan of 108 feet (32 meters), and length of 153 feet and two inches (nearly 47 meters).


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