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Google Maps: Shocking green-faced ‘alien’ spotted on the streets of Birmingham

Google Maps is a helpful tool for users who want to map their way to a brand new location. Thanks to its StreetView feature, which came to screens in 2007, the web application also offers users an on the ground look into destinations all around the world. With this has come the dawn of people discovering bizarre and shocking moments they did not expect.

One such occurrence was spotted on the streets of Birmingham, leaving many speculating if aliens really do walk among us.

The shocking moment was spotted on Summer Row in Birmingham’s city centre.

On what seems like a regular day Google’s street view cameras appeared to have come across something extraordinary.

Stood on a path, shielded partially by a parked car, is what appears to be a shockingly green-faced man.

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Google Maps: A user thinks they found an ‘alien’ on StreetView – what is it? (Image: Google Maps)

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Google Maps: The man’s face is likely to be a spooky mask (Image: Google Maps)

Two eyes glare menacingly at the camera, set deep in a face that looks extraterrestrial.

The alien man also appears to be sporting a beard and holding what appears to be a wallet in his hand.

Even more bizarrely, the creature doesn’t seem to be out of place.

Not one passerby seems taken aback or confused at his presence, perhaps due to his rather human outfit.

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The being is wearing a red t-shirt, emblazoned with a star, and a grey hooded jacket – perhaps this is a ploy to fit in.

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The moment certainly garnered attention from one man, though.

Speaking to The Sun, Stevie Hall from Sutton Coldfield, explained how he discovered the image.

He said he was looking for a space to park when he came across the surreal sighting.

Google Maps: The ‘alien’ man is half shielded behind a silver car (Image: Google Maps)

“I just froze in fear when I saw him and the hairs went up on the back of my neck,” he told the newspaper.

“My friend and I thought we were seeing things and so had to check it again by putting in the postcode.

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“The Google info says it was shot in April so it wasn’t even Halloween. I searched for nearby conventions as well on that date and nothing. It isn’t faked either as you can see there are reflections on the car.

“I’m not really into conspiracy theories but we’ve been full of them since seeing it.”

He also adds a theory: “It is a busy road and you would have thought people would see him – maybe it is only the Google cameras that can pick it up.

“He certainly doesn’t look happy to have been caught on camera.”

However, there is also the realistic likelihood that the man could simply be donning a mask. Perhaps he has been to a fancy-dress party, sci-fi convention or maybe this is just his own personal style choice.

Whatever the explanation behind the mysterious sighting, it certainly makes for some light-hearted speculation.

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