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Google Maps: Street View captures unusual animal on a beach – is it real?

Google Maps Street View is a useful tool for those hoping to take a look at the world from afar. For some people who won’t get a chance to travel far in the future, Google Maps Street View is a lifeline. By capturing panoramic views of streets all around the world, anyone can experience what it’s like to stroll around a whole host of places on Earth.



The tool is officially an online mapping service owned by Google.

It offers satellite images, street maps, panoramic views of streets and route planning to its users for free.

However, sometimes the tool is used for other reasons.

Sometimes, users utilise the tool to try and get their own five minutes of fame.

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Google Maps: Street View captures unusual animal on a beach – is it real? (Image: Google Maps)

Google Maps: Street View captures unusual sight on beach in Salem (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Google Maps Street View also manages to capture some strange sights from the hilarious to the completely bizarre.

When these sights are spotted by users, they often get posted online or on forums.

The posts sometimes go viral, causing the user and/or the person in the photo to get catapulted to fame.

This may be the case for one unusual creature spotted on a street somewhere in the world.

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The strange sight was spotted on Street View by a Reddit user.

They captioned the photo: “Wild unicorn spotted.”

It’s not clear quite where the photo was taken but the Reddit user said it was in Salem, Massachusetts.

The post garnered a lot of attention on the site.

Google Maps: The scene took place in Salem, Massachusetts (Image: Google Maps)

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One user commented: “The witches summoned him.”

Another said: “I just saw this on Street View a couple weeks ago!”

Another added: “Ummmm… is that on dead horse beach?”

The photo shows someone dressed as a unicorn on a beach.

International travel post-lockdown (Image: EXPRESS)

It’s unclear why they are dressed like a unicorn but because of the pumpkin next to them, it could be a halloween costume.

The unicorn is stood next to a child who seems to be fascinated by the costume.

Another person dressed in a rainbow onesie is also in the periphery.

The beach is deserted except for these individuals which may mean that it is indeed, a cooler time of year.

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