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Google Maps Street View: Run in with the law caught on Google camera – what happened?

One of the officers holds his arm up above his head, signalling to the approaching Google car.

The other stands to his left, holding out a small, red stop sign into the road.

From the pictures, it isn’t clear exactly why the Google car caught their attention, though there is some speculation from Reddit users.

One notes: “If you continue going forward, you will get another police car from another day.”

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Elsewhere in the world, Google’s cameras have also managed to spot other drivers caught in a predicament.

In Brussels, the Google camera spotted one opportunistic driver attempting to squeeze into a parking space.

The vehicle was photographed on Google Street View parked next to a large plant pot, right on the edge of a busy thoroughfare.

Following the image, a Twitter account called Brussels Parking called out the driver for their unsafe move.

The user clearly wants to address such parking issues in the city, stating in their bio: “To solve a problem this must first be recognised. To recognise it, it must first be known.”

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