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Google Maps Street View: Woman caught in embarrassing predicament

Google Maps Street View: People are often captured on camera doing odd things (Image: Google Maps)

Since its introduction to the world in 2007, Google Maps Street View has unleashed a world of mystery and oddities. The platform is frequently used by users around the globe as they search for sightings ranging from the weird to the wonderful.

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However, one internet user recently discovered a street view image of a woman caught in a particularly awkward position.

The image in question, shows a leafy green countryside in Lazio, Italy. It appears to be a relatively quiet road, with no-one else in sight – just clear blue skies and lots of greenery.

There are two cars – one parked on the right-hand side of the road and another driving off into the distance.

Amid the peace and tranquility, stands one woman in an all-black ensemble as she appears next to a bush on the deserted road.

On closer examination, it appears as though the woman is reaching around the back of her mini black dress to pull out a wedgie.

The woman’s face cannot be seen on camera, so luckily her identity has been hidden.

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Google Maps Street View: She can be seen picking her wedgie (Image: Google Maps)

It’s likely she thought the embarrassing act wouldn’t be captured for the world to see.

However, the photo has been blasted across Reddit, with users sharing their thoughts on her etiquette faux pas.

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One person commented: “Looks like she just came back from a night out and needed to head to the ‘ladies’ before continuing her journey home.”

Another said: “I don’t blame her. If I was in an area like that which looks pretty isolated, I’d be going to town too!”

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While it may appear embarrassing to some, this woman is not alone.

Another unidentified woman was captured adjusting a wedgie while walking down a street.

One person commented on Imgur: “Going to the movies? No? Why ya pickin’ your seat?”

“I wish I could pick my wedgies in public,” another user said. “But alas, I live in constant discomfort due to the curse of my own self-conscious ways.”

Google Maps Street View: The woman is reaching round the back of her trousers to pull out a wedgie (Image: Google Images)

Some may not be happy to have their embarrassing moments captured and discussed across social media – however, there are others who are pleased to be caught on camera.

A Reddit user stumbled across an image of a man mooning a Google Street View car in Hayes, Greater London.

The man in question, Toby Sullivan, was delighted to have is derriere immortalised on the internet. He took to social media after the image went viral and said: “Fully made it on google maps. I saw the car thought f*** it why not. I can f*****g believe it.”

The original Street View image shows Sullivan carrying a plastic bag and squatting while showing his rear to the camera.

The image has since been pixelated to hide his bottom, which created a frenzy on social media with some branding him a ‘hero’ and calling the explicit move ‘hilarious’.

Google updated its blurring policy, in a bid to protect the privacy of individuals published to Google Maps.

Their website states: “We have developed cutting-edge face and license plate blurring technology that is designed to blur identifiable faces and license plates within Google-contributed imagery in Street View.

“If you see that your face or license plate requires additional blurring, or if you would like us to blur your entire house, car, or body, submit a request using the “Report a problem” tool. Please note, however, that once Google blurs an image, the effect is permanent.

“If you submit a request to have your house blurred from Street View imagery, all historical and future images of your house will also be blurred.”


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