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Google Maps: StreetView camera catches man as he sneaks a saucy move

Google Maps StreetView first hit the internet in 2007 and offers users the opportunity to get a street-level look at destinations across the globe. While it is great for discovering new locations or navigating routes, many users have also discovered the application has a knack of uncovering things we may never see.

One such incident happened in Portland, Oregon, when a man was caught in the middle of a sneaky, saucy deed.

The man appears to be walking past a new build housing estate while walking his dog.

He is walking just steps behind a young woman, dressed in a grey vest top and black trousers.

The woman is pushing a stroller with a young child seated in it.

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Google Maps: The man was captured on camera pulling a saucy move (Image: Google Maps)

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Google Maps: The man appears to be reaching out to touch the woman’s rear end (Image: Google Maps)

It is unclear whether the man and his dog are accompanying the family, though his bold move and close proximity suggest they may be well acquainted.

The man is pulling another shocking move, caught on camera as he heads towards the woman.

With his arm outstretched, the man appears to be reaching for the woman rear end, seemingly to touch it.

If they don’t know one another this is certainly a violation of space and a very risky choice.

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The snap was initially uncovered by a Reddit user, who shared the humorous moment in a forum dedicated to bizarre Google Map’s findings.

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Though the back story to the incident is unknown, one user writes: “I’d like to think these two are new parents who are still very passionate and goofy around each other.”

Another suggested: “Maybe they don’t know each other and he thought f**k it.”

However, some savvy users did their own research and discovered that is it very likely the pair are likely to have already been acquainted before this cheeky incident.

Google Maps: Further down the street the pair can be seen walking off together (Image: Google Maps)

Another Reddit user pointed out: “If you click the link and move down the street a little bit they’re walking together.”

Even so, it would be interesting to find out if the pair know their romantic moment was captured on camera.

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This isn’t the first time the StreetView cameras have captured people engaging in a secret moment.

in Lazio, Italy a woman as caught during an embracing action.

Shielded behind a leafy tree the blonde lady appears to have found some solace.

However, little does she know the Google Maps camera is passing by, capturing her and she adjusts her underwear.

On closer examination, it appears as though the woman is reaching around the back of her mini black dress to pull out a wedgie.

The woman’s face cannot be seen on camera, so luckily her identity has been hidden.

It’s clear the Google Maps’ cameras can sneak up unexpectedly

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